Thursday, April 13, 2017

Desperately Seeking Squealers

The premier think tank of the Democratic Party is asking that the public supply it with damaging information on Donald Trump's associates, and associates of his associates of his associates.

Apparently losing patience with the slow investigation into RussiaGate by America's 17 official interconnected police and spy agencies, as well as the slugs of Congress, the Center for American Progress (CAP) blasted out its anxious email this week to all the aspiring amateur snitches of Joe McCarthy's America:

Uncovering the Truth About Trump and Russia

Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election was an unprecedented attack on American democracy and a deliberate attempt to place Donald Trump in the White House. Given Trump’s obedience to Vladimir Putin and the deep ties between his advisers and the Kremlin, Russia’s actions are a significant and ongoing cause for concern.
The Moscow Project is dedicated to investigating the extent, nature, and purpose of Trump’s ties to the Kremlin—but we need your help. By scouring the internet to investigate allegations, donating to fund our research, or sharing our findings on Twitter and Facebook, you can help uncover the truth about Trump and Russia.
You can also confidentially email the Moscow Project


Zee said...

Wow! I sense a ginormous backfire coming the way of the Center for American Progress, as its "Moscow Project" website is deluged with more "helpful input" than it can handle, sent in by every crazed, basement-dwelling Hillary-bot conspiracy theorist in creation. Imagine how many rabbit holes the CAP's Moscow Project staff will have to crawl down into in order to separate the lunatic BS, regular, BS.

Not to mention possible "false flag" inputs from anti-Hillary, anti-Democratic party trolls who want to help sabotage this noble, truth-finding endeavor by burying it under even more phony BS than it will be receiving from the True Believers.

This could be fun to watch.

Clueless It Seems said...


HopeLB said...

Pre (and CertainlyMost Unorthodox Christian) Easter Greetings To You, Moscow Project's Patriotic Comrades!
Somehow the Rooski's got into the thought processes of Hill/Bill and made them turn the Democratic Party into a Republican lite party (Called Third Wayism, pro-Bankster/corporatist/neocon/neoliberal).Now, given that Russia is no longer communist but presumably still remembers Marx's prediction that capitalism will always self destruct, one can only rationally conclude that Hill/Bill were zapped by some neolib/neocon neuron re-organizing device while at Oxford (perhaps while they were having their first kiss/power machinations?). This has clearly led to a political culture that forced poor Podesta into writing emails which revealed the venality of the DNC, which revealed Hill's mendacity and duplicitous phoniness,which forced Hill psychologically to become even less likable/less believable and which coerced her into setting up a private basement server to hide all of her official State Dept activity from the prying FOIA requests of plebs. This all led inexorably to these Podesta emails being ultimately leaked to Wiki via (or not) the Rooskisor by a Rooski lover (Maybe by Seth Rich?).
Such an advanced neurogical device, which can turn a Midwestern Methodist, even a Goldwatery, Girlish one, into a greedy, amoral, political monster can only have been conceived by aliens (and/or the Rothchild Banking cartel)! What possible motive would the aliens (and/or Rothchilds) have? To that I answer, methanation of the planet's atmosphere for their comfortable, near future colonization. Look to Siberia itself! (In Rooski Land!) Gigantinc methane burps bubbling out of the non-permafrost.(The Rothschilds' motive? I would guess they have cornered the market on all of the oxygen tanks and/or oxygen producing machines.). Clearly Podesta was onto the aliens' plan for capitalist/neocon destruction of the planet (perhaps, Hill's selling fracking to the world was a hint?) and why Podesta promised to unmask the aliens. (Perhaps, Hillary hadn't affirmatively put him on the Oxygen Tank list?).

See here for definition of neoliberalism;
See here for political entities that foster neoliberalism/war making;

Happy Easter, Blessed Passover and Ardent Wishes For An End To The Dismal Duopoly Dems,