Saturday, February 12, 2011

Booed but Not Bugged - Cheney at CPAC

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, making an unannounced appearance Thursday at CPAC from an undisclosed location for unknown reasons, was pelted with boos by supporters of Ron Paul as he spoke glowingly of fellow former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. The young protesters reportedly were itching for a confrontation after a bad night's sleep at the bedbug-infested Marriott Wardham Park Hotel. According to a spokesman, Cheney was unruffled by the brouhaha. The unindicted war criminal has a magical golden shield of immunity from prosecution, self-reflection and empathy.  Some of the giant bedbugs allegedly flung his way by the Libertarians were said to have died of fright in midair before ever landing on their target. The few fat ones left, already bloated on toxic conservative blood, quickly succumbed upon landing.

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Kate Madison said...

We all know that Dick Cheney is the "man without a pulse." Which means his heart is deficient. And I wonder if he has any real blood--the kind bed bugs prefer. I tend to think his body cavity is filled up with dark cherry Kool Aid.

No matter! What is ludicrous is that this "man" is "thinking about" whether or not he wants a heart transplant, since the million dollar fake machine he had inserted, is working so well. Can you imagine "thinking about" whether you want a heart transplant? I have forgotten just how many people have died because they have been kicked off the transplant list in Arizona--in one case waiting for a heart. But Cheney is "thinking about it."

What a poor excuse for a human bean!