Tuesday, March 29, 2011

This Just in from the White House....

I just received my daily email briefing from The White House, containing this announcement:

The Deapartment of Education's TEACH campaign is an initiative to encourage talented Americans to become teachers.

Those who can, teach.  Those who can't, write White House press releases without feeling the need to use SpellCheck or proofread.  Winning the Future?  Out-educating the rest of the world? Well, at least they didn't put out a blurb urging us to support pubic education. 


jhand said...

The NYT had a colloquium, yesterday I believe, on how to improve the quality of teachers and instruction in our public schools. This little tidbit from the White House falls right in line with the Times's elitist view of American teachers--that they are all inferior to "us," and teaching would be a more honorable profession if only more of "us" were teachers. Yes, we have bad teachers, just as we have bad Senators (Vitter), bad attorneys (Bachman, Yoo, Gonzalez) bad congresscritters (Issa, King(s)), well, you all get the picture. I worked on farms and grain elevators, sold merchandise, sat in boardrooms, and taught. Teaching teenagers was the hardest, most demanding job I ever had. It was also the most satisfying by far. How dare these elitist creeps demean an entire profession just because its fashionable to do so! Last August, I spent an hour listening to a deputy in the U.S. Department of Education talk down to a room full of teachers. It's no surprise to me that anyone from that department can neither spell nor inspire teachers. Thanks for bringing this up, Karen.

Anonymous said...

Amazing!! I read the NYT article and couldn't believe all of the negative comments against teachers, and no, I am not one. I was especially appalled at the comments stating that older, experienced teachers are outdated. My children had some of the same teachers I had when I was in H.S. and were just as enthralled with them as I was. The "doubelspeak" is amazing and also horrifying. How easily corporate America has brain washed the masses into believing "Ignorance is Strength", "War is Peace" and "Freedom is Slavery". What a sad commentary on the state of education in this country that the uneducated, woefully and willfully ignorant populace is so easily deceived and that they cannot see that education is the only thing that will rescue our nation from the destructive path it's on.
Sharon- sdube60