Sunday, October 2, 2011

Occupations and Glitches

Just a few quick notes to start off Sunday morning.  Occupy Wall Street has become so important that it now has its own news aggregation site!  The movement is catching fire in all parts of the Feudal States of Amerika, so check it out, fellow serfs!

Also, several of you have been having difficulty posting comments to the blog in the past week.  I have just reformatted the comments option to full page mode (someone suggested this on the Blogspot troubleshooting guide) in hopes of that helping.  Also I am told that you must enable third party cookies on your browser in order for your comments to "take."

Until this gets fixed, you are more than welcome to submit your comments directly to me, via email:, for copying and pasting on the blog.  Several readers are already going that route, and it is easy enough for me to do.  Anyway, I apologize for the inconvenience.


Anne Lavoie said...

A couple of the Liberty Park protestors have published a newspaper out called 'The Occupy Wall Street Journal'. Great idea and sorely needed. Last night on NBC Nightly News, Kate Snow sneeringly characterized the protest as a 'liberal' movement with 'no message'.

We need to be like water and flow over, under, and around the corporate news media who routinely feed us fluff for news.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Anne! I am sure the MSM sneered at the Vietnam Protests at the beginning. But we need to grow so pervasive that we can't be ignored. I can only pray that the movement grows exponentially and that we are not too late to take our country back. I think we can expect police brutality but because of technology and the swift publicity around the baloney cop pepper spray incident, hopefully it will be a sword that cuts two ways.

We also need to be stressing to the police and the police union that the very corporations they are protecting are after their right to unionise. Police are paid well and have good benefits. It is only a matter of time once the masses are suppressed that the corporations will go after them. We need to make it clear, that the entire working/middle class are on one side of the fence and the corporate elite are on the other. The elites won't hesitate to kick a loyal dog after it has served its purpose. We are, after all, only serfs.

Anonymous said...

At last! A fair and balanced media report of the Occupy Wall Street protests!

NYTimes - Look and Learn!


James F Traynor said...

Yes, I think the police throughout the country are waiting to see which way the wind blows. The NY white shirts are beholden to the Wall Street mob - I imagine the 'nut' they get from them is of substantial size.

Justice Network said...

@ Karen,

Thanks for the Occupy Together link, I’ll soon post it on my site. Here is another link to "Occupy Wall St." a blog of activities with photos and video. And this link to "We Are The 99 Percent" is good

Here in Florida Matt Weidner is doing extensive posts about Occupy Wall St. and the underlying banking and economic issues.

Matt still needs more petitions for his run for the Florida House of Representative. Any registered Florida voter can sign a petition regardless of their location in Florida.

Matt is seeking supporters for Occupy Tampa, which also has a Facebook page

You can get a petition on Matt’s website, or my website, just click the Justice Network link at the top of this post. Occupy Wall St. is moving across the country, keep it alive with your support.

Neil Gillespie