Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is There an OccuDoc in the House?

Yep, there is. If you want to avoid all the talking heads exploding, and the Democratic email fund-raising frenzies and the Republican bitch-fests in the wake of the Survival of Obamacare, watch this full-length (an hour and fifteen minutes) film, titled American Autumn.

Rumors of the demise of Occupy are severely premature, despite the best efforts of the corporate media and the corporate politicians to convince us otherwise.

Obamacare may have survived, but millions will remain uninsured and three of them are still dying every single hour for lack of basic preventive health care. JP Morgan Chase has suddenly "lost" $8 billion instead of $2 billion but remains profitable at our expense. The Mortgage Fraud Task Force has yet to issue a single subpoena. Privatization of schools, prisons and infrastructure continues apace. Whole cities are declaring bankruptcy. One in four children is officially poor. Something's got to give.



Anonymous said...

Dear Karen,
As someone who literally went broke organizing fulltime for the public option that was supposed to have been part of Obamacare, and who became quite embittered watching the President's prevarications and his betrayal of said public option, I have to admit how surprised I was to actually feel happy and hopeful about today's SCOTUS decision. I have, it seems, temporarily lost some of the bitterness I felt over being so grossly lied to by the administration, and the personal cost.

Nothing succeeds like... not dying in the SCOTUS chamber.

Kind of amazed... not just by the decision, but that I had lost some of my

Anyway, keep up the great work, Karen. You're the greatest.

Anonymous said...

sorry, that penultimate sentence should read: "...lost some of my bitterness."

This morning, after the decision was announced, I got to speak with some of the docs with whom I worked in this effort. It wasn't what we wanted, but... I really felt better about the time and effort expended, and the people I'd met and helped to organize.

The other weird thing is that one of the turning points, I think, wasn't just this morning's decision. It was reading - just in this past week - Karen's evaluation of what was worthwhile in the bill.

So for all those O-bots who criticize Karen's worthwhile criticism of the administration and everything else:

You should bear in mind that when a fierce critic finds something of value in an otherwise shitty package, it means a million times more to those of us who actually put in the labor than being told the same platitudes by the admin and the DNC/OFA.

Thanks again, Karen. If we can be incremental in this, I have some hope we can begin to dismantle the odious drug war/police state. I still haven't gone to an "Occupy" event, but that also means that "Occupy" has more friends than it realizes.

Jay - Ottawa said...
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Jay - Ottawa said...

“I want to cover everybody. Now, the truth is unless you have what’s called a single-payer system in which everyone’s automatically covered, you’re probably not going to reach every single individual.”
-- Barack Obama, July 22, 2009

Let's see .... If it took him about three years to do a full 180 degree turn in the opposite direction, maybe, if we give him three or four more years, he'll be right back where he was on July 22, 2009.

James F Traynor said...

My, my you're a feisty one, Karen. Love it. It tickles the hell out of me. You invariably see through the bullshit.

Denis Neville said...

Just viewed American Autumn.

So far only a fraction of a percent of the 99% have participated in a major way in the Occupy movement. As David Swanson wrote, “The inactive 99% should feel the power that comes from being active, and being active together. They will get beyond the notion that ‘those activists’ are different from them if they see us in this movie with its diversity of voices all gathering around a common theme. And they will get beyond the question of whether activism will succeed quickly or at all, replacing it with the question, ‘What power on earth is going to keep me from joining in something this incredible?’ Imagine, as this film does, what would happen if everyone paying attention to the great Romney-Obama battle were paying attention to what needs to change and where hope lies.” -

“This is a revolution!” “We’re ready to fight!”

Ian Welsh:

“In general terms, we are in a pre-revolutionary period…the reign of Obama…teaching an entire generation that you cannot fix the system from within, through the mechanisms of the old system or through even semi-peaceful protest. The Pacific free trade deal will enshrine even more draconian IP laws and will extend NAFTA style takings regulations which give multinational companies sovereignty over governments…This will not stand. There will be global war, and there will be global revolution. We are on track for it. The question is when and how. I would guess in less than 20 years the world will fully convulse. Many of the current generation of oligarchs will be dead by then and will win the death bet, but their heirs will reap the whirlwind.

“Both populations and the oligarchs have refused, over and over again, to do what is necessary to peacefully restructure the world economy, but instead have opted to kick the can down the road. Each kicking of the can has led to more corrupt and sclerotic economics and politics…most developed world nations will continue to suffer real declines in their standard of living, driven by inequality and the resource trap which we refuse to restructure out of. The electrical economy wants to happen, but it will not happen on a wide scale until after war and revolution. Such is the choice both our elites and the regular population continue to make.”

Something's got to give. Occupy!!!

Valerie said...

Of course, the Supremes supported Obamacare - it is a give-away to the giant insurance companies. They aren’t going to strike it down. I am just amazed anyone really expected otherwise. In exchange for however million full paying customers, the insurance companies have agreed to accept a handful of people who would otherwise not be allowed to buy private insurance and have agreed not to jettison clients who get gravely ill while insured. Why is it that we think this is such a big deal? If we had universal health care, these people and all those who will remain uninsured under Obamacare would be insured for a fraction of the cost. As it stands, more of the middle class is going to have to pick up the bill while the insurance companies get richer and richer.

This whole thing just seems so manipulated. Those who have maintained all along that this is a totally insufficient response to the health care crisis in our country are now just so grateful to have it pass – to have a few crumbs. It reminds me of Obama’s entire administration – Democrats are just for grateful for what little crumbs fall from the table of our corporate masters.