Thursday, July 19, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Righteous Indignation

How do we become outraged today? Let us count the ways:

George Zimmerman says it was all part of God's plan that he killed Trayvon Martin. And Trayvon's parents wonder what kind of God he worships.

Ann Romney has huffily given "all you people need to know". Another variation on the entitled "it's our turn" theme.

Barack Obama is sending squads of sleuths out into the Florida Foreclosure Desert to try and locate victims of the great mortgage fraud massacre. He wants to find out where all the nouveau-homeless went -- so they can register to vote.... for him. It seems the campaign has lost track of thousands of his potential supporters since the banksters summarily kicked them out of their houses. Not only have Obama's bankster pals defected to Mitt, the victims of his bankster pals have disappeared from phone directories and email lists. Oh my. Here's a helpful hint for Barry: just have his operatives peer into every basement window in America. Chances are there will a refugee from the middle class esconced therein. Chances are increasingly good it will be an older person.


spreadoption said...

"Refugees from the middle class". What a great new term and what an outrageous, pathetic commentary on life in America! Recently read an article about homeless in Santa Barbara - sounds like an oxymoron but it's all too real and horrible.

Reminds me, too, of the "urban refugees" of the 1970s - people escaping metropolitan New York for upstate and northern New England.

But those urban refugees were interesting, positive individuals and families, empowering their lives through their migration. These middle class refugees are the nearly invisible detritus of the massive and unforgivable failure of our government. It's all morally repugnant and economically stupid.

Meanwhile, Obama fulfills his personal ambition and overcomes his atypical background by blending in with power and money wherever he goes. He can never offend them. Besides, he enjoys the view.

Three questions keep nagging at me. Why does an Ivy League graduate, editor of the highly prestigious Harvard Law Review (candidates compete tooth-and-nail for the job), become a lowly community organizer in southside Chicago? And how does a scholar and professor of constitutional law so wantonly and repeatedly violate the Constitution? And how does a small-time state legislator rocket to the presidency of the United States in just four years? It seems he was more placed than elected.

Jay - Ottawa said...

“The poll includes a drop in Mr. Obama’s favorability ratings, with 36 percent saying they viewed him favorably and 48 percent saying they did not. In April, 42 percent expressed a favorable opinion of him and 45 percent an unfavorable one.”

There are shades of interpretation reported in the above article, the poll sometimes favoring President Obama, sometimes Bain-Brain Romney. One thing is clear: Obama has slipped significantly overall since the preceding poll.

For almost four years Obama has been banking on a strategy labelled The Lesser of Two Evils (TLOTE) to insure his stay in the White House beyond 2012. No matter how bad he is, he looks better than anything coming from the Republican side. That line of argument is unravelling. According to the Times article, Romney is now slightly ahead in the polls nationally and gaining, not because the country is falling in love with Romney or Republican philosophy but because a mounting number of people are growing annoyed with Obama.

TLOTE may well be a reasonable, cool-headed, common sense, and almost-indisputable strategy to keep The One in the White House beyond 2012. That strategy is supported by our intellectual betters on the left, “the pragmatists.” (I bow my head at the sound of their name.)

Alas, the pragmatists will not determine the outcome, despite their iron logic. They are increasingly being outnumbered by others on the left, “the furious.” The furious are growing in number, if not wisdom. They are the ones who are forced to live day after day with the effects of Obama’s missteps, omissions and betrayals. A million foreclosures last year, a million this year – pretty soon the numbers of the furious begin to add up.

Add to the foreclosed furious the unemployed furious. Yes, there is a lot of overlap there, but lots of re-enforcement of the fury, don’t you agree? Do you suppose most of the people who voted for Obama in 2008 and are now unemployed are piling onto the lesser-of-two-evils bandwagon?

When was the last time you heard a debate or even saw an attack ad by one party or another about human-caused environmental degradation? Ha! Among environmentalists you will find more furious people on the sidelines.

Let’s not forget the anti-war crowd and the civil libertarians. They were among the first to turn down the TLOTE coolaid. They are by nature deaf to pragmatists who argue that collaboration is less suicidal than throwing down the gauntlet before drones or NDAA. Some flirted with Ron Paul.

Yes, Romney and the Republicans may well be worse than Obama and the Democrats. That forecast about the political future becomes more irrelevant with each passing day. The accumulating pain within Democratic ranks and among Independents carries more weight. The reason behind the TLOTE strategy is no match for the fury inspired by needless pain and countless betrayals. FURY WANTS REVENGE, DEMANDS PUNISHMENT!

Many Americans walking into the voting booth on November 6 will not have Mitt’s face in mind. They will be thinking of Preening Barry’s Smile and grinding their teeth.

Jim said...

How could you leave out Michelle McCarthy -- err -- Bachmann? Muslims all around the President? What's that code for?

Animals are most dangerous when wounded and cornered. The right is scared but that's no reason to cheer. They keep equating radical Muslims with "lib'rals." Once Muslim-hunting is normalized, we know who's next.