Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Guest Posts

A few of you have submitted your own longform commentaries, which I will begin publishing this week. I always welcome contributions to the blog. So if you're interested, please send me your piece via email (kmgarcia2000@yahoo.com.) 

Always include sources to back up your facts, and when quoting another writer from the web, please give attribution along with a link to the original piece. I will take it upon myself to do whatever minor editing/spelling corrections may be needed.

Besides opinion pieces, I am also interested in "spot news" and personal anecdotes. In the past (especially during the heyday of the Occupy movement) some of you sent in colorful reports and photos of your own participation in various events, protests, encounters with politicians and the like. If you want to share your "activist" experiences with readers of the blog, you are highly encouraged to do so!

Note to regular commenters: many of the guest posts have been born of intended comment-box posts that go past the character count. So if you feel cramped in that milieu, please consider the guest post format. Thanks.  

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