Sunday, September 8, 2013

New York Times Casts Obama As Tragic Hero

The next phase of the campaign will be more individualized, and more from Mr. Obama himself. Democrats who are balking are being asked at least to vote against Republican procedural moves meant to delay or derail an up-or-down vote. After all the arguments are exhausted, aides said, it will come down to a personal pitch: the president needs you to save him from a debilitating public defeat.
That paragraph is hidden within the latest paroxysm of chest-thumping by the Gray Lady, characterizing Barack Obama's fight for military strike votes in Congress a "taut, uphill battle" the most intense fight of his entire political career. More intense than fighting for a public option in public and pandering to insurance predators in private. More intense than fighting back against Wall Street while taking the money of Wall Street. More intense than championing the little guy while schmoozing with corporate titans. More intense than crowing about transparency while prosecuting whistleblowers and defending the NSA.

If, according to the Times, his "Save the Children" casus belli falls flat, truth will eventually out. Because in the grand scheme of things and as much as he pretends to deny it, the drumbeats of war are, indeed, All About Him. And to that end, his desperate  P.R. flacks in the White House and on Times Square have resorted to casting him as tragic King Sisyphus, all alone in the world as he rolls his boulder valiantly (and tautly) uphill. Obama may be getting grizzled, poor guy, but he is still ripped, by golly!

Bomb Syria because you feel sorry for him.


Sisyphus, too, is here
In our own lives; we see him as the man
Bent upon power and office, who comes back
Gloomy and beaten after every vote.
To seek for power, such an empty thing,
And never gain it, suffering all the while,
This is to shove uphill the stubborn rock
Which over and over comes bouncing down again
To the flat levels where it started from. (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura III 995-1002)


Patricia said...

Yes indeed, save the children. It's ok if we throw American children under the bus, throwing them out of Head Start and all the other programs being slashed. You are so right about the public option. Millions will still be going without healthcare and probably going without medical care and dying but we have plenty of money to bomb Syria and get Iran all jacked up so they can join in the party. This is a corporate agenda, but isn't it always?

Grung_e_Gene said...

The Corporate Media and their Right-Wing masters want a Congressional No Vote to equal a Loss for the President.

The drive has been to consolidate more and more power in the hands of the Executive.

It's almost as if these things were never said;
"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier... just so long as I'm the dictator."

annenigma said...

Tragic hero my ass. The tragedy is what he's doing to our country and the world. Obama isn't the more effective evil, he is the MOST evil President we've ever had, bar none. And those who go along with his evil schemes are complicit and just as guilty.

Does anyone really think this so-called limited military strike in Syrian isn't just an Obama Headfake for an Iran War? When they say limited they do mean it - their target isn't Syria at all - that's just the old Bait and Switch trick. Syria will soon be tossed into the trash heap and sights will be set on Iran.

I'm sure President Secret Satan has already cooked up that recipe under the high heat of Hell and it's soon to be served. Expect to hear about a (fabricated) horrific threat or act by Iran very soon to justify that (well planned) sudden expansion of the limited military action. No boots on the ground in Syria? How about Iran? Jordan? Turkey? Lebanon?

Based on Obama's clear pattern of deception, I think the real reason for going to Congress was to buy some time to get things arranged for the real war he has in store. It's another Obama Headfake.

If only we could stop this madness, but I have no hope of that. The fix is in. To me, it feels like WWIII is about to start.

Zee said...

While I am not certain that an attack on Syria will launch WW III—just something almost as bad, and quite likely involving nukes—I confess to a certain amount of—OK, a lot of— schadenfreude regarding Obama and the deep hole into which he has dug himself.

If the Prez regards losing his Congressional bid for war with Syria as a "debilitating defeat," well, I'm lovin' it! I hope that's the way it works out, and that he will just crawl off into a dark corner to lick his wounds and otherwise forget about war.

But if he stupidly chooses to “go it alone” after “losing” in Congress—which may well lead to a disastrous regional war for all concerned—well, the arrogant SOB will go down in history as THE WORST AMERICAN PRESIDENT EVER, just as he deserves to be remembered.

Who knows how many lives will be snuffed out by this bogus Nobel Peace Prize winner? I shudder to think. How long after this catastrophe will it be before there is any real hope again for peace in the Middle East? Another 2000 years?

Barry's IQ won't quite look so “stratospheric” any more, will it?

Barack Obama managed to snooker the American people into believing that he was just the smartest guy ever to occupy the White House, and now, he believes it too.

Just look where that's gotten us.

If the American people don't realize by now just how badly they've been “had” by the “silver-tongued devil,” well, they certainly will after he's touched a match to the Middle East and life changes forever.