Thursday, May 29, 2014


From the Department of Fooled You, Fooled You, Made You Look:
One week after the Obama administration said it would comply with a federal appeals court ruling ordering it to make public portions of a Justice Department memo that signed off on the targeted killing of a United States citizen, the administration is now asking the court for permission to censor additional passages of the document.
In the interim, the Senate voted narrowly last week to confirm David Barron, the former Justice Department official who was the memo’s principal author, to an appeals court judgeship. At least one Democratic senator who had opposed Mr. Barron over the secrecy surrounding his memo voted for him after the administration said it would release it.
Wasn't that the whole plan, right from the get-go?

Obama exterminates an American citizen (who, for some reason is deemed to have enjoyed a more valuable life than thousands of non-American drone victims) based upon a dubious legal rationale dreamed up by the former Justice flack, David Barron. The White House refuses to divulge its dubiousness. Senators pretend to refuse to confirm Barron until they can read the memo. Obama pretends to acquiesce. Barron is confirmed because, other than the sordid fact that he rubber-stamped state-sponsored murder, he's a real liberal guy. Democratic Senator Ron Wyden as much as proclaims that as long as we're told the reasons why the president has the right to kill us, then it must be all right to kill us. Transparent extermination trumps opaque extermination, or some such. 

Then, quick as a wink and a nod, Obama scurries back to court and says he'd crossed his fingers the whole time he was making that silly promise.

I guess it could have been worse. Because it turns out that the Obama administration had even tried to censor its latest censorship motion, lest its opacity be exposed. And the judge put her foot down on wrapping secrecy inside secrecy. Too many layers. So, while we still don't have the right to know the president's reasons for killing us, we are nonetheless graciously allowed to know that he is a conniving promise-breaker. And that the Senators who pretend to be for civil liberties are mere partisan hacks.

From the New York Times article by Charlie Savage:
The 41-page memo, dated July 16, 2010, cleared the way for a drone strike in Yemen in September 2011 that killed Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen accused by intelligence officials of plotting terrorist attacks. The American Civil Liberties Union and The New York Times are seeking the memo’s public disclosure in lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act.
The Justice Department said it would soon disclose a version of the memo with the additional passages it wants to keep redacted blacked out. It said the additional passages discussed classified facts, not legal reasoning.
Who needs facts? They have such a factual bias. Legal minds can still churn out perfectly efficient opinions in a fact-free vacuum.
Last week, the administration said that Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. had decided to release the memo but would file a limited appeal to keep some facts redacted in the final public version of the court’s ruling. Among the information redacted in the ruling is the identity of an agency, in addition to the Defense Department, that had an operational role in the drone strike that killed Mr. Awlaki. Although it is widely known that the C.I.A. operates drones, including from a base in Saudi Arabia, and that it participated in the operation that killed Mr. Awlaki, the Obama administration still officially treats that information as secret.
Since the Obama administration can't even admit that it uses the CIA as an assassination squad, I can hardly wait to see the 6,000-page Senate investigative report on CIA torture. Since Obama inexplicably placed this damning report in the hands of the CIA torturers themselves for redaction purposes, what should be a black mark on the spy agency will instead be transformed into a sea of black Magic Marker ink.

When parts of the report were leaked to McClatchy Newspapers anyway, Dianne Feinstein predictably called for the prosecution of the leaker instead of the actual torturers. I guess Obama must have apologized to her, after all, since her staged hissy fit on the Senate floor about not being kept in the secret loop.

It was all just a little hacking misunderstanding between hacks.


James F Traynor said...

I figured you'd latch on to that one. He's a duplicitous s.o.b. is our Obama.

annenigma said...

Obama's already working on his defense for his upcoming impeachment trial on charges related to assassination of American citizens and other crimes and violations of the Constitution. It's all because of effects from concussions he experienced from playing football!

Considering that Glenn Greenwald's Grand Finale is going to involve revealing the names of American citizens targeted for spying, I bet Obama is definitely feeling a concussion headache coming on.

Obama met with Hillary this week off schedule and privately at the White House. If she's on that list, I'm sure Obama would prefer to tell her himself along with a convenient explanation all worked out in advance. His old Tony Rezko "boneheaded" defense will be reworked - "Hilly, it must be from the concussion!"

We know how much Obama trusts powerful women like Angela Merkel and Dilma Roussef and would never have their personal cell phones monitored - except for National Security reasons. I'll refrain from psychoanalyzing a possible trust issue with women in this case. After all, Hillary didn't abandon him. (Oops!)

The bottom line is that if Obama can't blame the Republicans, and won't blame the Oligarchs, there's always the Concussion Defense. I think David Barron has already started working on it.

Karen Garcia said...


Good one! This is the first I heard about a possible Obama childhood head injury, or that he'd even played football. But it would explain a lot. As in, those sudden unexplained changes in accent and cadence depending on the audience. G-droppin' and stammerin' for the regular folk, Ivy League professorial for the journos and other group-thinkers.

Pearl said...

Whether or not a concussion has affected Obama's behavior and thought processes is difficult to determine. However, what I am concerned about is the wide split between his speeches and public communication accompanied by the totally different activities he supports or encourages behind the curtains. And the real question is whether he knows the difference and does it for his ego and snug future or does not recognize the differences involved and is basically lying.
I had a relative who had a habit of mixing truth with false comments in order to inflate her ego and harm the characters of others. When I asked another close family member whether or not she knew whether her relative was aware that her false comments were deliberate lies, this family member told me that in all the years she knew her she had never figured that out. This difference could then indeed involve mental illness.

Isaiah Earhart said...

Hi Anne,

Your post was so funny, and I laughed so much, that I had to keep going back to the beginning of it to start over.

I am still laughing. well done!

Isaiah Earhart said...

Does anyone else experience a weird sort of Kafkaesque numb, disorienting feeling deep inside the cranium when Obama speaks?

I feel as if I am actually getting dumber whenever I accidentally pay attention to the words Obama speaks, or someone (anyone) from the State Department, any NSA spokesperson, J. Edgar Hoover- no wait - I mean John Brennan, or anyone from the Senate Intelligence Committee talking about Terrorism™. It’s as if there is a contest within the Obama Administration as to which agency or department can lie the most to the greatest audience.

Or maybe it’s just always Opposite Day in this administration. Maybe the administration is captured in some Opposite Day vortex- in perpetuity like Bill Murray in Ground Hog Day.

Anyway, here are a couple of lies that have some serious consequences. The fact that this is not front page news is indicative of how bad the MSM is.

(I will try to learn how to use the HTML tags soon.)

Isaiah Earhart said...

Oh wait, maybe Josh Earnest will change all of this! Doubleplusgood....

James Traynor said...

It's remarkable how John le Carré somehow lets us know where we are. In 1963 it was The Spy Who Came In From the Cold. Now it's The Delicate Truth. The first told us watch out. And the last? It's too late, the jig is up. There was some great stuff in between.

I think Gore Vidal said something to the effect that in fiction there was more truth than nonfiction. Maybe that's why so many historians loved to read his historical fiction.

Then there's linda Greenhouse's article of the 27'th in the NYT, Polar Vision. She's apparently given up on SCOTUS, remarkable.

We are well and truly fucked.

traynorjf said...

That's James F Traynor, if you please. And James F Traynor, if you don't please.