Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Proud To Be a Goldwater Girl in Blackface

Here's the lady currently running on the promise of becoming the nation's third black president: (h/t US Uncut

She admitted in 1996 (the same year as her "super-predator" speech castigating black kids) that her beliefs are deep-rooted in conservatism. She chillingly lamented that the current GOP was "too reactionary" for her, as though the rabidly racist free market ideologue Barry Goldwater himself was not the epitome of right wing extremism.

 Therefore, when she now brags that she is a "progressive who can get things done," I take her to mean that she will be concocting the most gluttonous recipe contained in the Twilight Zone cookbook called To Serve Man

We are the things who will become well done, should Hillary Clinton win the election and begin an immediate culinary collaboration with Paul Ryan. He is the Ayn Rand fan and House Speaker whose life's ambition is not just to cut the social safety net to shreds --  it's to take those shreds and use them as fuel for humanity's barbecue grill. And unlike Rod Serling's space aliens, he won't even fatten up his victims first. To the contrary: Congress already has cut billions of dollars from the food stamp program, with more cuts (via new work requirements) on the way.

"Call me," Bill Clinton was ominously heard to whisper to then-House budget director Ryan a few years ago, after one of those horrible annual Kill the Poor seminars hosted by billionaire deficit hawk Pete Peterson. Ryan had been running into roadblocks over his efforts to privatize Medicare. "How do we get this done" was the subject of their conversation, literally conducted in the shadows:

"You (meaning the Democrats) gotta start this. You gotta get out there. You gotta get this thing (Medicare cuts) moving," Ryan hissed to Clinton.

Ryan at this very moment must be absolutely salivating over the prospect of triangulating with the Clintons the same way they once so successfully triangulated with Newt Gingrich over welfare reform. If that Machiavellian twosome could collude with the GOP to send millions of poor and minority people into lives of abject poverty and incarceration 20 years ago, you can only imagine what a feast for the plutocrats a Clinton restoration would be. Medicare and Social Security will be on the chopping block once again, despite all of Hillary Clinton's expedient campaign promises to leave them intact.

The problem with Donald Trump is that he is a bullying demagogue. As Hillary herself has scornfully observed, he "does not play well with others." And that includes Paul Ryan, who has made no effort to disguise his own loathing for Trump. It's hard to collude with a guy who wears his fascism on his sleeve.

 Hillary, for her part, skillfully hides her own fascism behind the mask of identity politics. She is a consummate player, not to mention a multimillionaire chef who is not above gorging herself on her own neoliberal cuisine. 

Getting Things Done: A Clinton Family Thanksgiving


annenigma said...

Hillary Clinton, the Rachel Dolezal of politics. Only Ms. Dolezal is probably a real Democrat and not a corporatist at heart.

Unlike Hillary, Rachel's heart was in the right place.

Pearl said...

Beneath Hillary Clinton’s Super Tuesday Wins, Signs of Turnout Trouble http://nyti.ms/1QsrMgm

From NYtimes

Kat said...

I think Hillary is more markets uber alles than fascist.

Jay–Ottawa said...

The paucity of comment here for two days following Super Tuesday says something. Perhaps we had better turn our attention away from politics to a subject less despairing, like the Sixth Extinction.

But if you still want to talk about big fixes and all that, first take a peak at what's really––I mean really!––been going on behind the scenes at the tippity top of the Dark State.

Pearl said...

Maybe my dream I mentioned recently is coming true, Hillary vanquished by Trump. If you judge me harshly, I have seen other comments to articles saying it would be safer with Trump since no one will pay any attention to his wild schemes and thwart him in every way (like the Repugs did to Obama). The Pentagon has already issued a proclamation that if we have a President Trump they will not follow any orders he may issue. As for Hillary, all she would have to do if in office is raise one finger and everyone will immediately snap to attention.
However, I believe Trump may well be removed and already articles about Hillary's less than perfect performance may allow the possibility of a President Sanders with an article in the NYtimes about that.
See my above posting of 'Beneath Clinton's Super Tuesday Wins' from the nytimes.

As for silence after super Tuesday, in my case some physical problems plus an overdose of super Tuesday endless going on in CNN overwhelmed my brain function which needed rest. Don't know how you keep your energy up Karen,with continuing outstanding columns to try to clear the political pollution for us. Now, more accurate information is coming out, especially about Hillary's coronation plans which are not quite all that certain. More questions are being raised about her past and present than one would expect in the mainstream press. Stay tuned for more to come as the spotlight continues on Hillary.

When Canadian friends ask me what is going on I tell them it is impossible to explain. I just say my birth country is having a nervous breakdown and they nod their heads in understanding.