Saturday, September 24, 2016

Neoliberalism's War on Youth

This is as good a synopsis of the ideological scourge of neoliberalism that I've heard, particularly as it pertains to youth.

Henry Giroux on RT's Watching the Hawks:

Henry also has a hard-hitting piece up on Tikkun that's well worth a read. As editor Michael Lerner writes in his intro to the essay,
...Our Network of Spiritual Progressives’ championing of a Global Marshall Plan seems suddenly “unrealistic” so that even Bernie Sanders did not mention it or even acknowledge the potential power of countering the strategy of domination and militarism with a strategy of generosity. Giroux helps wake us up to the way this militarization of our assumptions, or what I’d call the triumph of domination thinking, is an important element in allowing the distortion of our politics, our educational system, our media, the increasing militarization of local police forces,, the criminalization rather than celebration of whistle-blowers like Snowden who reveal the crimes of our government and “intelligence” (actually political police) forces,  our sense of what kind of television should be winning more Emmys than any other (Game of Thrones, with its violence and sexual depravity and sexist assumptions is only the tip of the iceberg) to go unnoticed or not seen as part of a larger pattern. Giroux correctly identifies all this as a pathology–another way of waking us up to a social reality that leads us both to repentance and to finding appropriate strategies to counter.

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