Monday, October 31, 2016

Neoliberal Undead Match

What better day for the flurry of breathless announcements that Hillary and Donald are now in a Dead Heat? They're allegedly in as tight of a race as the sales of their Halloween costumes. Oh, the Humanthony.

For purposes of oligarchy and wage-suppressing globalism, that overpriced and suffocating Clinton or Trump mask you might be wearing to scare the crap out of your friends and neighbors tonight was manufactured in China for mere pennies. Because USA! USA! USA!

The bummer of a plot twist in this year's contrived suspense is that since fully one-fourth of battleground state voters, and 21 million nationwide, have already cast their ballots, nothing that either candidate can do at this point will make a lick of difference. Even the final tranche of WikiLeaks emails expected to come out this week has the aura of anticlimax.

But it's a contest! Trump is gaining momentum! A professor who has correctly predicted presidential outcomes for the past three decades says so! It ain't over until CNN finally goes off the air on a cold day in hell and all the talking heads repair to their dusty, formaldehyde-filled jars for a long winter's nap.

Happy Halloween, everybody!


pissing-into-the-wind said...

In other words, what Karen is saying regarding this presidential "election" is "'s all, f...f...f...folks!"

See y'all on the whiskey-soaked morning of Wednesday, November 9.


paintedjaguar said...

Have to say, the real Hillary's fake smile is a lot scarier than that mask.

Mark Thomason said...

My feeling for it is that the ones who vote early are much more likely to be the ones who made up their minds a long time ago.

The ones who are open to any of this now are the ones who put off voting, and may not vote at all if it just disgusts them too much. They dither, without final conclusions, and that is their pattern of when they vote too.

Thus, I don't think early voting makes it too late for this to influence the only ones it is likely to influence anyway.

voice-in-wilderness said...

Who is undecided at this point? Trump was right when he said about a year ago that he could kill somebody on Broadway, understanding that the majority of GOP voters will vote for him regardless, either because of their lust for power, or because they are one-issue voters (e.g., gun nuts or American Taliban) who have convinced themselves Trump will push their extreme agendas and that is all that matters to them -- not avoiding nuclear war, not economics, not education, not health care, not global warming.

David Sedaris put it very well a few weeks ago. The choice is between a plate of chicken and a plate of shit with broken glass in it.

Jay–Ottawa said...

Speaking of masks...and scary theatre...and surprise endings....

It's hard to believe Comey is a loose cannon with his own agenda, or politically naive. Somebody ordered him to kick the email, Clinton Foundation and Rich the Pardoned dogs he and others had worked so long to anesthetize. In the past week he has dutifully fallen on his sword in the process of speaking out of turn. It amounts to friendly fire on Hillary's command post. Talk about Machiavellian.

Try to make sense of it, granted we have no reliable evidence from the MSM nor are we privy to discussions among members of the Dark State, if there is such a thing. Few people have the authority to order Comey to do or not do something. I can think of two people, maybe the only two on earth, who, at least according to staffing charts, stand above Comey in the chain of command. One is Attorney General Loretta Lynch. But Lynch denies she told Comey to spill the beans of fact or rumor; and last July she just had to recuse herself from Hillary's email investigation after a (tipped off?) journalist outed her secret (cough) tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton.

That leaves,,,wait for it...Obama. Now why would Obama do––or stand by and allow––such a thing to get out of hand for his good friend and ally Hillary on the eve of her coronation? Could it be a matter of legacy? Obama the Betrayer would look so statesman-like in the history books when flanked by Bush fils on one side and Trump sob on the other side.

Or, to get more paranoid, how about this. The elite will swing heaven and earth with surprise moves at the last minute and lots of voting machine hacking, if necessary, in order to put Trump in the White House. At least for a few months. Then comes a soft coup (details will be made available at the time) engineered by the elites (you know their names). Sleepy America will not protest too much about such a coup. After all, few have any regard for him except as a tool of revenge against the establishment that has so long screwed them. In the minds of most voters Trump's negatives have always exceeded Clinton's. With the White House empty, the elites will rule the world under emergency measures that will further neuter the Constitution, politicians, and do-good organizations crazy enough to raise their heads above the trenches. Try to understand: the elites must destroy the remnants of democracy in order to save it.

Click bait and other excitements aside, I'm still predicting Hillary by an electoral college landslide.