Saturday, April 8, 2017

Open Thread


Jay–Ottawa said...

Cui bono? Who stood to gain from the recent sarin gas attack? Certainly not Assad who was well on track to wipe out ISIS and other rebels with conventional arms. The war was getting closer to a negotiation stage followed by as much peace as one can expect after years of slaughter. Thanks to Trump's Tomahawking of Assad and Putin, the war will drag on.

Scanning the headlines and teases of the digital Times today, you won't see much of such questioning. Every article assumes that there is no question that the Syrian government is to blame for the gas attack and praises Trump for finally acting presidential. Let's hope Obama is on the golf course this morning and will miss the implied criticism directed against him for not responding in the same manner in 2013, when another curious sarin attack took place in Syria.

I don't have a link, but I've read that a British lab analyzed the sarin composition of the 2013 attack and reported it was not of the same chemical variety that Assad had previously stockpiled, a stockpile he had allegedly surrendered in toto in a UN deal. Surely by now, we're all cynical enough to suspect false flag operations on this level, and I've yet to understand why Assad would shoot himself in the foot, pardon my metaphors, with sarin gas when on the verge of victory by conventional means.

But at least our leader, remarkably soon after joining the Dark State (Banner out; Kushner in, read all about it) has come out of this a hero, our hero. Having used his Tomahawks boldly, Trump stands a notch above his predecessor, his poll numbers skyrocketing. Hail Trump! accepted on all sides as our very splendid model of a modern US President.

Elizabeth -- Marysville said...

The Deep State gets what it wants, using the same modus operandi, regime change after regime change. It just can't keep its greedy, power-hungry fingers out of other countries' business. It is a super sick game that has no regard for humanity or anything that is required to sustain life.

Each presidential nod/push for death and destruction, based on these manufactured scenarios, has made us USians less safe. Each president, in condoning the mass or "precision" attacks, has said that the lives of his family are worth more than those he kills. There has to be so much cognitive dissonance. One has to live in such an elite bubble in order to justify these acts.

I have never been more fearful of retaliatory attacks on U.S. soil as I am now. I cannot imagine living, as millions of other people living in their own countries do because of U.S. actions, under constant droning and bombardment.