Friday, July 14, 2017

Be They Ever So 'Umble

A Good Ole Pair of Bellicose Bipartisan Bros
At a folksy gala held at his Dallas shrine on Thursday, George W. Bush told Bill Clinton and a group of military, business and civic leaders that the most important quality America's chief executive can possess is humility.

Whereupon he bragged that his friendship with Clinton was "one of the most unique relationships and important relationships in US political history."

That'll sure teach Donald Trump, the obvious target of the virtue-signalling. Were it not for Bush having been so blessedly meek, the invasion of Iraq and the subsequent global refugee crisis might never even have happened. He would have been too busy stomping all over Al Gore and still bragging that he won the election six months into his administration. If he hadn't been so modestly clearing brush in Texas during the summer of 2001 rather than wallowing in Washington and insanely tweeting, he might have made the huge narcissistic mistake of heeding the written warning that America was in imminent danger of being attacked. He would thereby have allowed a huge crisis go to waste.

As it turned out, Nine Eleven was the gift that keeps on giving to the global oligarchy. If it weren't for George Bush discreetly doing his cowboy shtick when it counted the most, the lucrative War on Terror never would have been possible.

"I think it’s really important to know what you don’t know and listen to people who do know what you don’t know,” Bush modestly and incoherently burbled."The decisions you make have a monumental effect on people."

He is right, because his decisions continue to reverberate all over the globe. Even as he bonded with Bill in Dallas, 10 women and children died of dehydration in an Iraq detention camp for relatives of ISIS fighters. That, according to Iraq Body Count, brings Bush's monumental effects on the people in that country alone to a grand total of 268,000 corpses.

 Bill Clinton jovially agreed with his bro about the lingering effects which ex-presidents have. “You want to be able to say, ‘Things were better off when I quit, kids had a better future, things were coming together, You don’t want to say, ‘God, look at all the people I beat.’”

You want to be able to say, look at all the women we forced off welfare and sent to work at low-paying jobs with none of that subsidized child care we promised. Look at all the black dudes we sent to prison, beating previous incarceration records. Look at how we deregulated the banks that crashed the economy. Look at how we monumentally doubled extreme poverty in the United States. It sure beats bragging about all the crooked politicians you were able to beat!


stranger in a strange land said...

Yes, "as it turned out" the New Pearl Harbor of Nine Eleven was just the thing to kick the New Oligarchic Century Project into high gear. Humanity and beautiful Earth continue to be ground to a pulp.

"Let your life be a counter friction to stop the machine." - Thoreau, Civil Disobedience

Jay–Ottawa said...

Those two former presidents look so rested. Shouldn't they be having trouble sleeping nights? Somewhere in their climb to the top they must have come across the switch that turns off conscience.

Bill and George carry on like a couple of back-slapping jocks who won gold medals at the Olympics. Their interviewer could probably pick up a few gold medals himself for throwing the slowest, fattest softballs ever.

I was only able to watch the 124-minute video as far as minute 43. Spoiler 1: You'll suffer a sugar overload if you hang in much beyond that, while simultaneously being buried under a mounting hill of good ol boy B.S. All will be well if, immediately after you bail out, you reread Karen's introduction reminding us of what Bill and George keep forgetting to tell audiences at such gatherings of self-congratulation and mutual admiration.

Spoiler 2: Laura was in the audience, smiling, but Hillary was nowhere to be seen beside her man. Imagine you put up with a guy like Bill all your life, one wifely humiliation after another, all tolerated for just one reason, someday riding his coattails into the White House as the first woman POTUS. Then you lose on that end too. Poor thing. So much sacrifice for nothing; but just in case she might try again in 2020, she'll have to put up with four more years with Bill. By 2020 so many years of pent up resentment should make her one hell of a kick-ass commander-in-chief.

Zee said...

Gee, Jay--

You almost make me feel sorry for Hillary, chained as she is to the man who humiliated her over many decades for yet another four years, in the hope that she can STILL ride his coattails to the presidency in 2020.

However, I expect that I'll get over my misguided sympathy for her quite soon.

You also pin-pointed one of my great fears about Hillary had she won the 2016 election: It's my belief--though I can't prove it--that when it comes to our endless state of world war, Hillary would have felt the need to prove that she was an even more "kick-ass commander-in-chief" than any of her male predecessors, and gotten us even deeper into our global mess than we already are,