Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wall Street Might Run For President Directly

Former Attorney General Eric Holder, who made the term "too big to jail" infamous, says he is pondering another revolving-door spin from his gig defending white collar criminals - this time all the way to the Oval Office. 
We’ll see,” he said during a breakfast sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor in Washington, DC.
He was asked if he’s mulling a run for the White House because he’s learning how to raise funds and giving political speeches.
“I think I’ll make a decision by the end of the year about whether or not there is another chapter in my government service,” he replied.
This is known as the political trial balloon. We'll see whether enough voters swoon when he again explains his deferred prosecution agreements with Wall Street criminal banks and how he agonized over giving presidents, including most recently the demented Donald Trump, the right to drone people to death at will anywhere on the planet.

Admittedly, the bar has been set conveniently low for Democrats, even a heavily damaged Democrat like Holder. In his first "major rare interview," he did after all schmooze to Rachel Maddow that even one of his kids would be a better president than Trump. Unlike the Normless Wonder, Holder would protect and respect the FBI and other members of the Intelligence Community who have all but ignored "the malefactors of great wealth" in order to set up sting operations against Muslim terrorists. Unlike Trump, Holder never called their countries of origin "shitholes" as he respectfully wrote his often-secret legal opinions on how to quietly tail them if not therapeutically drone them to death by means of unnaccountable surgical strikes.

Ditto for immigration. Holder never used racist dog-whistles as he gave the Obama administration legal cover for its record mass deportations, many of whom were unaccompanied minors who were condemned to almost certain deaths from gang and political violence when they were forcibly returned to their Central American home countries.

Somehow, the issue of Trump's horrific pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio never came up during the "rare" sit-down with his good pal Rachel, because that might have led to the awkward question of his own notorious pardon recommendation for Clinton donor and fugitive Wall Street crook Marc Rich, issued on the eve of Holder's first revolving door-spin from ignoring wealthy criminals in public to vigorously defending them, for big bucks, in private.

His kid-glove treatment of the money-laundering, drug-dealing kingpin HSBC alone should disqualify Holder from a presidential run.But no matter. The luxury corner office of Covington and Burling will always stay open for him, as would another revolving door spin the next time a corporate Democrat wins.

The Gravitas of the Chin-Stroker


stranger in a strange land said...

Holder's obstruction of congressional inquiry into the very smelly "Fast and Furious" federal gun-running program should also be included in the litany of his crimes.

Mark Thomason said...

If corporations are people for purposes of Constitutional rights, then why can't they run for office like anyone else? It is no more (nor less) absurd.

Then the corporate office holder could change its officers and directors as all corporations do, and those new officers and directors would administer the office in the name of the corporation.

Of course there is the age and "natural born" requirements, but those would be no harder to finesse than what has already been twisted.

So think about it. Could it happen?

Karen Garcia said...


Why not is right. Why continue to keep up the pretense that corporations don't run the place? With Eric Holder possibly running, even having the chutzpah to talk about it, it just gets more blatantly obvious. This guy will never be able to even pretend at being a populist. He is even more of a political clod than Hillary and Jeb Bush. Obama was probably the last smooth tool who could fool most of the people with his soaring oratory.

Ironic to see Frank Bruni suddenly pretend to discover that corporations have taken over the government, in his column today. It was quite the loathsome triad (Douthat and Dowd being the other two) so I snapped and wrote comments on their angst-ridden concern trolling.

Final thought. I don't think the Democrats actually even want to win. They love the minority because it keeps their virtue-signalling meaningless and not subject to expectations for policies favoring regular people.