Thursday, November 23, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving!

Let me take the opportunity to thank all my readers for your continuing support and interest. I hope the US residents among you are having a good thanksgiving - or as  "Annenigma" put it in her comment below the previous post: Happy White Colonial Settlers' Day!

On that note, I will once again post this classic video clip:


Valerie said...

I always loved that part of the movie!

annenigma said...

Thanksgiving, a Native American Genocide celebration. Feast on that!

Erik Roth said...

"I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way.
I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house,
we had an enormous feast,
and then I killed them and took their land."
~ Jon Stewart

VLT said...

Thanks for that! Jon Stewart really nails it sometimes, doesn't he!

annenigma said...

@Eric - thanks for the laugh! Needed that.

@missingjay - I don't know anyone personally who knows or cares that the U.S.- backed Zionazi IDF is slaughtering children, doctors, journalists,, in Gaza using U.S. cluster bombs, white phosphorous, hellfire missiles, and missiles that explode into razor blades, whatever they're called. Devil's Pitchfork is apt.

When I try to bring it up with family I'm accused of disturbing the peace. Moi? It's Genocide Joe Dementia the war criminal who's disturbing the peace all over the world.

BTW, did you used to go by 'Carol' back before Sardonicky became a teenager? Same heartfelt comments.

MissingJay said...


No, Carol was someone else - but I wish she would come back. She sounds like she might be someone I like.