Monday, June 6, 2011

Don't Vouch For Me, Paulie Ryan

According to Paul Krugman, the Republicans are not well pleased to have their defeated Medicare Voucher Program being called a voucher program. I agree -- it just sounds so coupon-y and tacky.  So let's just stop with the damn demagoguing and help the fine folks of the GOP come up with a more apt term for their plan to kill save Medicare, shall we?  It's got to be easy to remember, and meaningful, so an acronym might work best. Some suggestions:

MediPRIC (Paul Ryan's Insurance Cabal).

MediPOP (Profits Over People).

MediCRAP (Conservative Republicans Against Patients).

MediKIL (Kleptocratic Insurance Limited).

MediSCAM (Social Conservatives Against Mankind).

MediCHEAT (Conservatives Hiding Eugenics Agenda Totally).

But not to worry. The Democrats have a plan too. It's called MediTLOTE (The Lesser of Two Evils). Commenter Jay from Ottawa invented it.  Thanks Jay!

Or, Obama might compromise unnecessarily and come up with these Medicare cuts improvements. (Remember, the Democrats will always give you choices.  They are pro-choice).

MediBUT (Bipartisanship Under Table).

MediPUNT (Pragmatism Until New Term).

MediSTRIP (Surrender to Republicans in Peace).

They Just Can't Stand a Bare Table


Gary Mixer said...

Great post, Karen! I just signed up for your blog and have a link for it on mine. Your view is the best perspective on the situation that I have seen, and that includes the NYT! The Democratic Party's mistake was all of the waffling they did in the 2008-2010 time frame, when they had a majority of both houses, yet were so worried about offending the Republicans that they didn't pursue a more aggressive agenda. Of course, Nancy Pelosi didn't help the cause much, IMHO.

Karen Garcia said...

Thanks, Gary. The Democrats are indeed mysteriously muted. Conspiracy theories raise their ugly heads.

Anonymous said...


The acronyms are priceless! The speed at which you respond to breaking news or editorials frequently astounds. But these....c'mon, 'fess up. Have you been working on these for days knowing that there would be a perfect opportunity for their use?

Very, very clever. Thanks for the laugh.


Karen Garcia said...

Thanks Ned. The only one I had pre-thought up was Medikill, but the acronymns came to me this morning. I was inspired by Jay's TLOTE and just got to thinking how silly the denying pols all are and how they love to spin, spin and spin!

ezra s abrams said...

Dear Karen:
Since you are one of the hundreds of people clogging up the blogosphere with "liberal" commments, but not actually doing anything constructive to provide either in depth, data driven ammunition for liberals (reposts don't count) or providing specific detailed instructions on what to do, but rather are writing a blog to fufill you own sense of vanity (as shown by your post about your deleted ny times comment)
I respectfully request that you take your blog off the web untill such time as you start doing something useful
right now you are just a distraction - you are not registering any voters, you are not telling people what votes to call their congresspeople on, you are not providing detailed specfic data driven info on one topic in depht to serve as a reference are part of the problem, nhot part of the solution


Ezra S Abrams

Karen Garcia said...

Dear Ezra,
So sorry to have caused a distraction to you. As you can tell (or not) by the title of my blog, much of what I write is in the nature of satire, humor and sardonic observation. I will take your respectful request to disappear under advisement. In the meantime, why not return to the NY Times, where there is a constructive front page article on Anthony Weiner.

Also, in case you were under the wrong impression, I am not a political operative who registers voters, nor do I "tell" people how to contact their congressional reps. I am a retired reporter with a journalism degree. Sadly, all I do is write.

Mea culpa for my foray into semi-serious vanity in that comments post that you find so offensive.


PS -- Normally I don't publish ad hominem attacks, but since yours was so damned respectful, I just couldn't resist!

Anonymous said...

If it weren't for you and Marie Burns, and sometimes a few others, I would have long since become a raging lunatic over what's happening to us. Instead, I'm merely angry about what I read, and sometimes can even laugh about it, thanks to you.


Valerie Long Tweedie said...


Have you been following this blog for any length of time? You can't have been to have written what you did. This blog has been incredibly informative of issues the mainstream media has been almost if not totally silent about. Karen has done excellent in-depth research on many postings. She has provided a venue which has allowed many good organisations working for justice and democracy to be brought to our attention. We often have lively debates about the issues Karen has raised both between Republicans and Democrats as well as within our own Progressive side of the Democratic Party.

I have checked out every blog site brought to my attention both here and elsewhere and I have come to the conclusion that this is BY FAR the best one out there in the blogosphere. (I consider RealityChex more of a newspaper!) Sure, some of the postings are humorous (sardonic – Sardonicky – get it?) but many are very serious and informative.

Many of us have turned to the blogosphere because the mainstream media isn’t doing its job. Ezra, I respectfully request you do your research before making such comments in future. Otherwise, I will have to wonder if you are a political operative sent to undermine the good journalism that is being done here.

Valerie Long Tweedie

Anonymous said...

Oh, god. I knew this was coming. Well done.


4Runner said...

Ezra seems unaware of the historically great subversive pamphleteers whose sole role was to inform and incite. ( I don't think Tom Paine registered a lot of voters.) BTW Karen, you might consider adding to your blogroll.

Jay - Ottawa said...

Dear Ezra,

Here and there and often Gandhi spoke of the “canker of untruth.” Untruth spoils everything, whether in families, or politics or bridges that fall down because of dishonest engineers or sloppy builders. We have lots of untruth blanketing the media today. The lies have profound effect on our governance and commerce and welfare. Our politics is crumbling mainly as a result of the canker of untruth.

Karen is trying to right that with truth, carefully laid out for the modern ear, which takes special skill. Blogs like this one are immeasurably important, and there are too few like Karen writing honestly and with wit. Most of us who follow Sardonicky have been helped in removing the cankers of untruth that distort our understanding of what is happening to the land. True, we honk at times like geese urging each other on. Truth may be sublime, but the search for it is far too noisy, I agree.

We applaud Karen and hope you will too some day.

Karen Garcia said...

Thanks everyone. I did just add to the blogroll -- good mix of progressive voices there.

Sharon said...

Wow, Ezra needs to lighten up a tad. What is it with conservatives wanting to control every aspect of other people's lives? Like Ross Douthat's editorial in NYT yesterday on assisted suicide. If you don't want to participate, don't. I think your opinion comments are well informed and insightful. I always read your comments, Marie, Gemli, Winning Progressive, Jumper, MNW (I think that's the signature from CT.) and Chris from AZ among a host of others, and find them accurate and many times more honest than the piece being commented on, especially when it is David Brooks or Ross, who love the spin. Why Ezra has such an issue with you is incomprehensible. And why does he assume that you don't work on campaigns? A multi-tasker can do both if she is so inclined. I respond to editorials in the NYT and have written my congressman and Senators expressing my concerns and have worked on various campaigns. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Ezra should go to the right wing blogs where his comments would be welcome and leave us progressives alone. Why do these right wing nuts insist on running everyone's lives? Don't they have anything better to do with their time? Geesh!!!

Marie Burns said...

I wonder if Ezra is a friend of Winning Progressive, who gives the same advice every single day to call your congressman or write a letter to the editor.

Wait, no. Writing a letter to the editor is sort of like, uh, blogging. Sorry for the distraction.

The Constant Weader

Anne Lavoie said...

Ezra, the beauty of progressive minds is that we can think and act independently, drawing our own conclusions and making our own judgments about issues, like mature adults.

Some people, however, are more comfortable with a parent or father figure who presents selected facts and tells you what positions to take. It may be very reassuring and psychologically appealing to many, but not all political blogs have to fit that mold.

'Sardonicky' specifically identifies what the blog is, so you have no one to blame but yourself if you don't like what you find here. Guess what, Ezra? The world does not revolve around you. To suggest that a blog should be eliminated because YOU do not approve of it suggests more than a bit of vanity or ego on your part, n'est-ce pas?

We who are drawn to this blog are grown ups who are well read, politically active on our own, and have been for years. We don't need a parent figure telling us how to think and vote, and we certainly don't need to groom, cultivate, convince, convert, or train each other in our thinking.

We all simply enjoy Karen's humorous insights and we exchange ideas and varying ways of looking at things. By doing so, we continue to mature and evolve in our political views and outlook. We frequently have a bit of comic relief at the same time, which is the unique appeal of Karen' blog.

Long may it live.

Kate Madison said...

Just had to add my 2 cents worth, Ezra! You obviously were not an English major in college, nor do you use spell check. To wit:
..." but rather are writing a blog to "FUFILL YOU" own sense of vanity."

Geez, Ezra--what do you mean? Are you so unfamiliar with "fuLfilling youR" own sense of vanity that you cannot even spell it correctly? I really think Karen was much to nice in her response to you. My hope for you is that you go to summer school in remedial English. You might learn about "periods" as well. All of this should help make your crabby comments more literate, and may fulfill your own sense of vanity in the bargain.

John in Lafayette said...

To Ezra:

If you think the style and quality of Karen's writing doesn't spur people to action, please think again. Words have plenty of power, and these words are getting more powerful all the time as the blog's readership increases.

And please don't forget:

MediROAD (roll over and die)
MediLEEC (let 'em eat cake)
MediFU (needs no explanation)

Mac Gordon said...

I agree with VLT, in wondering if Ezra S Abrams comment is a 'plant' - it's just too 'twee' in the various contradictatory observations presented.
I suspect our friends on the right keep track of any publication, like yours, Karen, that starts to gather a stalwart 'following'.
Remember 'The Truth Is Out There'!

Anonymous said...

These were all to (no I mean "too") wonderful. Kate, keep it up!!! Karen you do make my day as does that weader writer over at the realitychex.

I would like to come up with a positive name for single payor universal coverage but I lack the creativity. Seriously, we need to focus on those people where coverage would save their lives and name that approach accordingly.

Enjoying all the comments,

From the Heartland

Anonymous said...

My apologies in advance...particularly because of my unbounded admiration of Kate. Blast away at a political argument or a nonsense attack on Karen or those who comment. (Poor Ezra. WHAT could he have been thinking?) But can we overlook spelling, typos, and grammatical errors? Without doubt, this crowd is loaded with many fine and clever writers who are very capable of launching solid arguments. But it's more interesting when we get another voice with another viewpoint. I don't care so much about spelling.


Jay - Ottawa said...

On guard with Winning Progressive. Winning Progressive is TLOTE's planted propagandist in the comments section of the NYT. I understand he's based in Chicago, which just might be significant. Can I say it any plainer? False Flag, maybe? Sure, he says a lot of progressive things with his bullet points; but here's the real point, the subliminal message, the subtext, the trope that's ALWAYS THERE! (This quote from his comment following Krugman of June 6):

“The Obama Administration has put us on the right track for this effort by ….”


Anonymous said...

Here's another for the rapidly growing pile of suggestions for Paul Ruin's "healthcare plan" -

Can't you just see Karl Rove rummaging years ago through the Congressional facebook for an ideal contemporary Reaganoid clone, and his jowl-wibbling rush at coming across Ruin?

Janet Camp said...

Okay, my two cents:

Ezra, what an absurd rant. Did you forget your medication? Why is it any of your business, whatsoever, why Ms. Garcia chooses to have a blog. May we please have a list of the activities you have participated in for the last year that "make a difference"? Allow us to judge you as you have judged others.



I'm a big fan, but the "mistake" by Ezra was minimal, and your post had a "spelling mistake" (typo) as well. There is plenty to attack Ezra for without being picky about his spelling.

Janet Camp said...

Oh yes, I've been reading for a long time--glad you added it. It's run by Bill Moyers son. I so miss Mr. Moyers on PBS!

Karen Garcia said...

Poor Ezra. If he ever visits this distraction in cyberspace again, he will get an earful (eyeful?). I think we have all said our piece on Ezra. It's a distraction. Now, can we discuss Weiner-Gate, Sarah Palin and all that important stuff? And why are you wasting your time? Get out the vote, people, and call your congressman. He/she doesn't even have to be in your district. Just call/tweet any congressman at all and do your civic duty! Then, go door to door and annoy your neighbors and tell them who to vote for. I order thee!

Kate Madison said...

Thanks for noticing my spelling mistake, Janet! I included it purposely to make my comment more sardonic than critical. But I think my skanky humor could use a bit of "tightening up" to, or better yet, two! And, Ned, I just can't help meself! I sometimes just have too say it out loud (in a comment), rather than babbling to meself all the day long. I hope you (not Ezra) will forgive and tolerate my compulsive behavior to.

Valerie Long Tweedie said...

Janet - Yes! - I miss Bill Moyers too - I really LOVE that man! So glad to find the blog and to know it is run by Bill Moyer's son.

Ezra - We have jumped to Karen's defence because we all very much value what she does here on this blog. But having said that – (and truly, I think we have jumped on your case enough) I know that Karen (and the rest of us) welcome all contributions from all points of view - as Ned said. Perhaps you have a view on health care that you would like to share with us or have an opinion on the potential appointment of Elizabeth Warren. These are issues that have been covered here in great depth but different experiences and points of view are welcome as long as they are polite - and you are polite - so welcome if you dare!

Anonymous said...


Shirley ewe no that know won kin holed enee gruge aginest new. bcides, i cufer frum the saim meladee end vinting kipes me (awl must) sain.

Jest and ether fane,


Anonymous said...

Can we call the single-payor program "Lifecare?"

Jay - Ottawa said...

To elevate this conversation a notch or two, I want to submit this quote from none other than Clement of Alexandria, a weighty op-ed writer from the past. Are you still there, Ezra? Even if you aren't the rest of us, because of your harsh words about our presumed idleness, may have lingering doubts about not being as busy and action-oriented as we ought to be. Well, Clem says people like us, the big bloggers and the little commenters, doing overtime on chairs, are necessary and steeped in good work as we push words around with integrity.

"Reasonable speech, Logos, regenerates the soul and orients it towards the noble and beautiful act...the word prepares the way for action and disposes the hearers to the practice of virtue. There is a saving word just as there is a saving work. And justice does not take shape without logos."
-- Clement of Alexandria

Janet Camp said...

Kate, sorry I missed your effort at being sardonic(ky).

Ned, LOL

Jay, Wonderful quote; thanks for sharing.