Friday, June 10, 2011

The Trashing of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

People complain that Democrats aren't forceful enough.  They accuse the party of being a bunch of capitulating, mealy-mouthed wusses and a lot of the time they would be right. But the new Chair of the DNC is taking hits from all sides for the very outspokenness which makes her such a refreshing change from the Democratic timidity we have to come to know and expect.

Politico has a particularly snide little attempt at a hit job running today, characterizing the blunt rhetoric of Debbie Wasserman Schultz as an outbreak of gaffe-itis and pettily dissecting each of her passionate remarks. The Republican War on Women?  No such thing, says Politico's Molly Ball -- everybody knows the GOP has not literally declared a war on women!  No metaphors allowed, apparently.  Particularly odious was Ball's false equivalence between the provocative weapon metaphors of Sarah Palin -- urging her followers to put Democrats in the crosshairs -- with Wasserman Schultz's withering critiques of the Social Darwinism of Republicans:

"Wasserman Schultz’s sharpest rhetoric — such as insisting that Republicans’ move to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortion constitutes a “war on women” or that the Ryan plan would be a “death trap for some seniors” — may please her party’s base. But it doesn’t square with her role as a leading voice decrying that kind of over-the-top language in the wake of the January shooting in Tucson that injured her good friend, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords".

Over-the-top language, blunders, gaffes?  No way, Jose!  Wasserman Schultz is not only a breath of fresh air, she is a  tornado descending on the Democratic doldrums and blowing everybody else out of the water. She did walk back her characterization of states requiring voters to show ID at the polls as a return to the days of Jim Crow, but she really didn't have to. She was right about that.  She's also totally right about Paul Ryan's Medikill Plan being nothing more than a Medikill Plan. 

The only thing "rocky" about Wasserman Schultz's start is that she's not only throwing stones at the whining, mendacious conservative Social Darwinists -- she is heaving boulders at them and pulverizing them in the process. Bravissima!


Janet Camp said...

This happens every time a Democrat speaks out--and sadly, said Democrat almost always capitulates. Please, please let Schultz be the exception. We need her more than ever. Of course, the right wants to shut her up!

In spite of my irritation at Rep. Weiner, I am sick of the NYT, et. al, harping on his "brash" and "outspoken" style, as though anyone who speaks directly about the emperor is the loony in the room with a naked emperor prancing around--bad analogy given the nature of Weiner's lapses, but you get the idea I hope.

Marie Burns said...

Politico is a right-wing publication -- its president & CEO is Frederick J. Ryan Jr. is a former assistant to President Reagan -- masquerading as a MSM outlet. Only a few of their reporters are reliably objective. The hit-job on Wasserman Schultz strikes me as part and parcel of -- the Republican War on Women.

This is the same stuff with which Republicans hit Hillary Clinton & Nancy Pelosi. Now they have a new target. Evidently they think Wasserman Schultz should go back to baking cookies & pouring tea. Fortunately, she won't.

4Runner said...

Bravissima indeed!! Debbie has been a heroine of mine going back 10 years or so. She doesn't represent my district down here in south Florida, but is close enough that we are all bathed in her progressive radiance. (BTW, not to sound sexist, but she's also very easy on the eyes.) I'd love the 2016 presidential race to pit her against Sarah Palin-- or anyone else from the GOP clown crew, for that matter.

VLT said...

Don't know much about her but she sounds magnificent! Thisk I will send her a little card encouraging her to keep up the good work! Still wondering if anyone has read anything about Elizabeth Warren not being nominated for the top job at the CFPB by Obama. If so, he's going to get a little card too - telling him he just lost my vote!

Kate Madison said...

Let's hear it for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz! She is one tough woman, and she will remain so, I feel sure! I think she is the kind of person who will become even more emphatic when the misoygynistic Repubs keep putting her down. And she will do it with a laugh--as in "What the fuck can you expect from a bunch of right wing crazoids?"

Wasserman-Schultz is exactly the person we need to run the DNC. She is a fresh of breath air-- after that stale establishment guy, Tim Kaine.

Karen Garcia said...

Some anonymous coward in the White House is floating a trial balloon about appointing one of Elizabeth Warren's assistants to direct the Bureau. I haven't written about it,because the story is a definite "plant" that the WH wants publicized, just to gauge how the wind is blowing. No comment, other than to say if true, I hope her assistant does the right thing and tells them where to get off.

mac gordon said...

I hope that I'm not being overally optimistic, but I sense that we might be on the verge of another real 'feminist' movement.
We, the people, regardless of gender, are tired of consistent reports of 'men, in charge, behaving badly'.
The fact that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is being so severely criticized, points to her male detractors fear of the power of women. The more 'complex' and 'versatile' gender.
The male dominated power complex of the US is, perhaps, sensing a potential shift in thinking. That women should have their chance at being in charge.
I hope so!

Janet Camp said...

@ mac gordon

Marie Burns has made a similar point in the #1 post in response to NY Times op ed column by Nocera on this very subject. I think the two of you are on to something.
Let's all send Shultz some words of support--great idea VLT!

MichaelStivic said...

I just hope Debbie tells Andrew Weiner to hit the road and get a real job. Andrew is bringing down our party!

Valerie said...

What I am really loving about Debbie and Elizabeth is they are not caving - unlike our Commander and Chief. They are standing their ground and standing up for what is right. When I read the comments by men on various blogs and in the reader comment sections of papers they are almost all totally supportive of these women.

I have pretty much stayed out of the "men behaving badly discussion" because the whole thing is such a distraction from the really important news that should be covered by the mainstream media. But I would like to take this opportunity to say that for most men, like my husband who is 46, it would not even be on their radar to send pictures of themselves to young women or to push their presence on a woman they didn't know. These badly behaved men are juvenile and shouldn't be allowed positions of responsibility until they grow up! Debbie needs to tell Weiner he blew his chances and to step down. He will get no support from the DNC if he runs for re-election. They guys think they are untouchables – and that arrogance alone makes them unfit for positions of authority.

Jay - Ottawa said...

I think the safest place for me today is out on the links. And I don't even play golf. Guys???

mac gordon said...

I was a part of the first feminist movement Jay, because I believe that gender equality benefits men, as well as women.
I don't think we can have a democratic society, when half the population is treated 'differently'.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Weiner's politics but if the voters in his district still want him to represent them and he has admitted to his deplorable behavior as well as checking into rehab, the Democrat leadership should back off and see how his rehab works out. Other Politicians have done much worse and staid in office.


VLT said...

I guess the questions are: Do the voters in his district still want Weiner to represent them? Can he do it effectively with this scandal permeating his life in public office? And can he go into treatment and focus on that AND still do his job? Addiction is life-consuming and fighting it is life-consuming as well.

Janet Camp said...

Richard, It is simply bad grammar to use the noun "Democrat" where the adjective, "democratic" is required. This is ideology on your part and makes you look like a troll. It seems that you honestly want to participate in a give-and-take discussion, here, and that's fine, but I find this tea party usage really annoying and not in the interest of a respectful give-and-take.

Karen, it's your blog and you might not like this or approve it and I'm okay with that, but I needed to get it off my chest.

Karen Garcia said...

Yes, referring to the Democratic Party as the Democrat Party is a commonly used epithet used by conservatives. I am sure this was a typo on Richard's part. It's kind of like calling Republicans "Repugs", etc. We don't resort to such name-calling on this comment board, do we?

Janet Camp said...

I don't.

I might say repubs (in the same way I'd say dems) as a shortened form, but I don't use repugs for exactly the reason you state--it's just childish name-calling. I certainly wouldn't use it on a republican-oriented blog if I wanted to be taken at all seriously.