Friday, April 5, 2013

Murder, Inc.

The overseas victims of President Obama's drone attacks no longer need feel so all alone. That's because Barack has just added 330 million Americans to his Kill List. 

Make no mistake. Coupled with the festering Sequester Sasquatch, his proposed budget will cause people to die. Not only is he forging ahead with his Chained CPI formula for cutting lifetime Social Security benefits, he wants to reduce disability payments, Medicare payments, veterans' benefits and unemployment assistance. He even wants to hasten the demise of the United States Postal Service, perhaps to cut down on the well-deserved hate mail that will be flooding his corporate board offices, mansions, and billion-dollar cathedral of a presidential library for the rest of his misbegotten life.

I guess the only things more infuriating than President Obama are those few diehard loyalists who think we should cheer for the man just because he'll make the Republicans look stupid as he starves, sickens and kills us. Or pundits like Ezra Klein who labor under the theory that Obama is still playing a cute game of 11-dimensional chess. Writes Klein:
The upside of this strategy is clear: Obama gets “caught trying” on a budget compromise. House Republicans have put forward a series of extremely conservative budget proposals that show no interest in a compromise. Senate Democrats have a more modest plan, but one that doesn’t include any notable concessions to Republicans. Obama will position himself in the middle. He will include, in public, high-profile concessions to Republicans — though he will emphasize that he’ll only accept those concessions if they come with significant new revenues. No one will be able to say he isn’t trying to reach a deal, and the cries from liberals will prove that he’s forcing his base to accept very tough medicine.
Readers' comments to the New York Times's piece on the Obama slash-o-rama were almost universally scathing. But this example of good, slavering, dutiful citizenship is what the paper's Obama-friendly sycophantic team of moderators chose to showcase on the homepage:
Maybe he's making this compromise because he thinks it's better for ordinary Americans on net, or maybe he's bluffing as part of a political strategy to box in the other side. Either way, I won't pretend to know better.
One consolatory bit of news today -- a federal court has just overruled his paternalistic, misogynistic and "bad faith" ban on over-the-counter sales of the morning-after contraceptive pill to teenage girls, including to his precious Sasha and Malia.

If Obama cared anything about struggling people, he'd call for an immediate ban on the sale of over-the-counter rat poison. Some people, facing a lifetime diet of Walmart cat food, eviction from rental properties owned by vulture capitalists, bankruptcy from medical bills unassuaged by ObamaCare, will no doubt choose to take the quicker way out than suffering his death by a thousand cuts. 


Pearl said...

To read that Obamacare is beginning to cut back on health care for American citizens is abominable. And to include cancer prevention and care because Medicade is running into financial trouble is beyond the pale. I hope, if nothing else, that this will stir revolt among the people finally. It will only get worse the way things are being handled.

James F Traynor said...

He's looking to get his wife, and later, his kids into big, big bucks positions while he plays, for a price, consultant for and statesman representing the global 1%.

Denis Neville said...

The collapse of equity and fairness - two Americas, one very prosperous, the other desperately poor:

Out of sight, out of mind:

James F Traynor said...

I can't stand myself because I pretty much knew that this was going to happen. And I went to the polls anyway. Why? Hope? Maybe, who knows. Jesus, what a mess. What gets me is the bastard really didn't have to do it, but he did it anyway. Why? To wring the last fucking dime out of us, to demonstrate his fealty to the oligarchs? I'm beginning to think he did it to rub it in our faces - even those of us who voted for him, hating his guts at the same time.

Denis Neville said...

When I was a young boy, the true harbinger of spring was not crocuses or the return of robins; it was the sound of a bat on a baseball.

“Baseball was made for kids, and grown-ups only screw it up.” - Bob Lemon

Many condemn social welfare for the poor, the “takers.” But what about subsidies provided to professional sports teams? Professional sports are an especially blatant case of corporate welfare for rich owners. Governors, mayors and legislators who rail against welfare for the poor are more than generous with tax dollar handouts to the rich team owners. We, the public who help pay for the shiny new stadiums and their costly renovations, often can’t even afford to enter them. Why do we put up with this hypocrisy?

"Is Your Team's owner a Major League Asshole?"

Kansas City’s David Glass is one the worst. In true Walmart fashion, Glass took a once-great team and squeezed it into a losing team in a quest for higher and higher profit margins.

Adding insult to injury, under his ownership:

“The Kansas City Royals have requested nearly $17 million of taxpayer money the past five years from the Kauffman Stadium repair and upkeep fund but spent only 9% of the money received on actual repairs and maintenance to the stadium, according to documents obtained by Sports Radio 810 WHB.”

“The Royals have received at least $12.7 million from taxpayers that was approved by the Jackson County Sports Complex Authority as part of the RMMO provision of the team’s lease with the county and spent it on full and part time employee salaries, security, cable tv, first aid, utilities, telephones and even payroll taxes. By using the money for payroll taxes, the team literally collected taxpayer money to pay their own taxes.”

More austerity and gutting of the poor!

How we love to blame poor people for making bad choices.

“The naked truth about how we treat our sick and poor,”