Thursday, November 14, 2013

Saving Privatized Obamacare

I got this in the email today (my few little tweaks serving to reveal the whole subliminal message.) 

Dear MoveOn member,
There's no sugar-coating it: Obama(care) is in serious political trouble. And Obamabots progressives need to step up and start shelling out fighting to save him it right now.
Obviously, the man law itself is still really good at bullshitting. But it's clear to everyone that rolling us rollout has been badly botched—and now Republicans smell blood in the water. They think this is their chance to undo the whole thing. Worse yet, some Democrats in Congress are starting to waver too.
Yes, I can. contribute $3 to help save Obama(care.)
There's no excuse for the problems with the president website. We all know that. But the propaganda website will be fixed.
And we can't let a bad bout of presidential bullshit website undercut the most important expansion of neoliberalism the social safety net since the 1960s.
Already, a pitifully small percentage millions of young adults, people with pre-existing conditions, and low-income Americans hope they have health coverage today because of Obamacare. And millions more will get coverage maybe someday soon if only the law is allowed by Obama himself to keep working. Thirty million will remain uninsured.
We'll start by calling out Republicans as well as Democrats but not including Obama who support efforts of Obama himself to delay, defund, or roll back key parts of the law that might inconvenience employers and big money donors. We'll also counter the Republicans' misinformation campaign by petitioning media outlets to correct their false reports. We're also running ads on Facebook and in college newspapers to reach young people and pump up our donor email list—who are so important to get registered for health insurance.
But the clock is ticking for the Democratic veal pens. If we don't shift the momentum soon, it could be too late to save this president law we fought so hard for.
Thanks for all you do.
Mark, Alejandro, David, Linda, and the rest of the team


Zee said...


A great parsing of the message!

"Obviously, the law itself is still really good."

Jaysus, Mary and Joseph! What have the Obamabots been drinking/smoking/injecting?

Valerie Long Tweedie said...

And of course, while all the progressives are concerned about saving ObamaCare, the man himself will sit behind closed doors with his favourite corporate donors and plan how best to sell the Trans Pacific Partnership to America, Congress, and our allies in the Pacific. Faux News will suddenly be bi-partisan and say - being how open-minded they always are - that they will swallow their differences with Obama on this one issue and - what the hey - give it their blessing.

While ObamaCare was better than nothing, it was always a sell-out to the big insurance companies and big pharma, and for that always deeply suspicious. Forgive me if I don't cry a few crocodile tears over its demise. Better to sweep it all aside and start again with REAL health care reform.