Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Brown & Black Forum

In case you missed it, here's the Democratic candidates' forum on social and economic justice issues held last night in Iowa. It's well worth two hours of your time. Bernie Sanders is on first, followed by Martin O'Malley and Hillary Clinton.

Of course the Fusion network, which broadcast the forum, is not widely available on cable outlets. I only found out about the YouTube-streamed program at the last minute, because a friend emailed me about it. The Q & A soars miles above the corporate-sponsored debates you've been watching (or tuning out) on TV.


annenigma said...

Karen, 'The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore' (whoever he is) is what I got with this link, not the Brown and Black Forum.

Pearl said...

RE: 'Iowan's passion for Sanders worries Clinton' has made my day. For the NYTimes to have this article on the top front page of its paper indicates the possibility of Bernie Sanders making it. And coming from the NYTimes validates this possibility.
The genuine passion and excitement about Bernie has not been seen for a very long time in American politics and is long overdue.

Maybe this will encourage my brother who is afraid to vote for him lest Trump get in and who would have to hold his nose to vote for Hillary, to change his mind.

They can no longer ignore what is going on via the media and even if Bernie loses Iowa by a scant majority his future may be brighter than we had hoped for. Interesting about reference to the young people's view of Hillary and our progeny may truly make a difference for their futures.

Also the comments to the article in the NYTimes are exciting.

What is not picked up in Bernie's stump speeches is his brilliance and balanced knowledge of history that the progressive press is following. His age is working in his favor in that area. I am looking forward to your video, Karen.

Karen Garcia said...


Sorry about that unintentional bait and switch! That'll learn me to proof-watch what I put up. The correct clip is now available for your viewing pleasure!

Pearl said...

Karen: I had no trouble getting your video in Canada and it looks great. Now I am seeing comments from several directions of a steep climb in support for Bernie in Iowa that is now a slim lead!

I must be dreaming.

Pearl said...

What do we want Hillary to do about her husband? from the
Washington Post


annenigma said...

There needs to be some strong calls for immediate Secret Service protection for Bernie Sanders.

annenigma said...

I've started watching the Brown and Black Forum video and it's so much more informative and revealing when candidates can speak without the pressure of the ticking clock. How could the RNC/DNC agree to pimp the candidates to the media for a shallow, unpaid Speed Debating show? Unreal. I hope forums like the B%B make the corporate media obsolete in regard to our elections. They are enemies of Democracy.

I'm going to finish watching the B&B Forum while President Obama is performing in his last SOTU show before he goes on to have his own show, post-Presidency.

annenigma said...

FYI, the Fusion Network is a corporate joint venture of Disney-ABC and Univision and is targeted towards a younger audience.

Jay–Ottawa said...

OMG, Bernie doesn't have Secret Service protection already? I think of George Wallace back when and shudder.

Maybe if Bernie calls upon the NRA to give him some help here .... Nah. On second thought, forget that.

Maybe if Bernie hires a handful of unemployed lumbermen from Vermont to stand around the podium looking sternly back at the audience while wearing aviator glasses and no-nonsense earbuds. Maybe that would discourage the crazies in the land of the rising crazies.

Jay–Ottawa said...

Quite a performance by Sanders at the Fusion Forum. Understandable why he excites so much interest on the campaign trail and why the Clinton machine is grinding down. BTW, Fusion goes in reverse alphabetical order: first, Sanders, then O'Malley, then Clinton. If you want to skip a lot of fluff, the Sanders segment doesn't begin until around minute 11 and ends around 41.

I can't think of anything more to want from his domestic platform, and the guy has such wit, displayed brilliantly in answer to the final jokey question from one of the interrogating journalists, who, as noted by others here, are several cuts above the best from the big networks.

Foreign policy isn't touched, as if Black & Brown issues stopped at the water's edge. Sanders in this campaign is only prepared to announce his opposition to the bad guys on the domestic front. Well, half a loaf is better than Clinton's crumbs.

According to legend, one day Mexican folk hero Emilio Zapata was about to be transferred from one jail to another. A lovely opportunity for officialdom to declare they had to shoot him in the back because he attempted an escape. (See Brando as Zapata for the backstory.) Soldiers on horseback with Zapata started down the dusty road. A big crowd of common people followed close behind with the intent of accompanying Zapata all the way to the next jail, and then mount the next jail vigil. "Why are you following us?" asked the lieutenant in charge. "Oh, senior, we don't want him to escape from you again."

If Bernie ever becomes the Democratic nominee, moves in to the White House and starts work on enacting, say, one tenth of his domestic platform, Americans had better crowd around the old guy all the time. We wouldn't want him to suffer a heart attack from several accidentally discharged tasers signed out to the security detail.

Now that we've declared Sanders the winner (older even than Reagan at this point), the vice-president-to-be seems more important than ever. Who might that be? A woman, please; we have to peel away some of Hillary's devotees. Warren, may I remind you, is so East Coast; can we find a woman with name recognition with a political following from another region of the country?

annenigma said...


Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii? She's a tough lady who seems principled.

Must it always be a politician? Cecile Richards, daughter of former Texas governor Anne Richards, is a very strong and sharp lady but also the President of Planned Parenthood - very controversial and they just endorsed Hillary.

Ambassador Caroline Kennedy? Oh never mind.

Dr. Jill Stein is already running. Roseanne Barr isn't running this time, but she's Jewish and that might be too much (AS IF she'd otherwise be acceptable!)

Wait! I know who! Karen Garcia! She's very, very smart. So what if she's an Easterner. She sounds like she's from Mexico!

How about Bernie not play the geography or gender game and just go with the best person who could step into his shoes as President if necessary, someone of principle and a backbone to stand up to entrenched power. It MUST be someone that the 1% would fear and loathe, like Elizabeth Warren, to act as a life insurance policy for Bernie so no would be tempted to bump him off. He's got enough problems being identified as (Democratic) Socialist and Jewish. Someone who's rabidly anti-war would be my choice, if there was such a thing in the Exceptional USA.

How about Jane Sanders? We'd be getting a husband-wife combo with the Clintons whether we wanted it or not, so what's the difference?