Monday, January 11, 2016

Gunfight at the Hokey Corral

Hillary Clinton loaded Gabby Giffords into her rifle, took aim at Bernie Sanders, and fired wildly. And she missed, very badly. Because judging from the latest polls, her Wells Fargo golden caravan of a campaign is edging dangerously close to Deadwood territory.

Besides being grotesque and slimy, Clinton's use of shooting victim and gun control activist Gabby Giffords to typecast Bernie as a latter-day Gabby Hayes is downright persnickety, given Giffords' own pro-Second Amendment legislative record as a rootin tootin Blue Dog Conserva-Dem from Arizona.

From Politico:
 Former Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords will endorse Hillary Clinton, a person familiar with her plans confirmed.
The backing of Giffords, who became a leading advocate for gun control after being shot by a would-be assassin in 2011, comes amid stepped-up efforts by the former secretary of state to portray her opponent in the Democratic primary, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, as soft on guns.
"He often says, 'Well look, I'm from Vermont and oh, it's different, it's not like being in New York City,'" Clinton said on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday, noting that his Vermont colleague Sen. Patrick Leahy had voted differently. "I think that the excuses and efforts by Senator Sanders to avoid responsibility for this vote — which the NRA hailed as the most important in 20 years — points up a clear difference, and it's a difference that Democratic voters in our primary can take into account."
Hillary, who as hawkish Secretary of State personally brokered a multi-billion dollar arms deal with the fanatical autocrats of the misogynistic, heheading-happy, hospital-bombing House of Saud without so much as a background check, apparently forgot to ask her pal Gabby about her vote to overturn Washington DC's ban on personal possession of assault weapons, as well as her signing of a Supreme Court amicus brief upholding the right of Beltway denizens to arm themselves with military-grade weaponry. Giffords also voted to allow interstate conceal-carry reciprocity, and gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to NRA-sponsored legislation that teaches little kids, through coloring books and fun games, how to shoot responsibly.

When Gabby Giffords upheld the Second Amendment rights of her constituents, she was simply being a "pro-gun pragmatist."

 But according to Hillary's bizarre 2016 playbook, when Bernie defended small Vermont gun store owners from potential liability stemming from subsequent criminal activity of the purchaser or any subsequent owner or thief, he became a cheerleader for mass mayhem.

The Sanders campaign has "fired back" (the media are certainly going metaphor-happy over the Great Gun Debate, aren't they?), noting that Hillary Clinton herself as been all over the map, both pro and con, on gun legislation. Her manipulation of Gabby Giffords shows what a desperado she has become. Bernie, no longer restrictable as the curmudgeonly colorful sidekick of the Beltway Imaginarium, is outshining Hillary the Tough and Inevitable on the political stage.

The slimy Crabby Gabby Hayes paintballs being lobbed at him apparently are not sticking.The Clinton Posse can no longer type-cast him as a wild-haired, ornery old codger, consarn it!


Pacifist Pearl said...

This may backfire. In a recent appeal for donations by Gabby Giffords and her husband,they stated that they did not take sides politically in their appeals for donations. Also, many misguided gun lovers may think Bernie is less rigid on fighting gun ownership which is not accurate but support him anyhow. The point of not punishing legitimate gun sellers who do background checks, and the buyer kills or injures someone, should not be blamed.
Also Bernie wanted to look more closely into some of the details of this item among others. I think I may write a note to their website that although I have not donated money, I resent their making such a political choice. Even some Republicans may be anxious to improve gun legislation.
I think people donating to Gabby and her husband supporting Bernie may be turned off as well and this may affect their donations negatively.

Also, as you pointed out Karen, she is worried about children being killed in her country but not about the civilian results of drones and guns elsewhere. I am surprised that Gabby has not figured it out.

paintedjaguar said...

The Clinton campaign against Sanders seems to be relying on shady insinuations, painting him as anti-minority, anti-woman, pro-guns, etc. Bernie is more honest than Hillary, but he's not above being a tricksy pol -- I recently watched an interview in which he used the old technique of "dodge a question by answering a different question".

In this case, the question was about the evils of dynastic political families. Apparently Sanders doesn't want to attack the Clintons too directly. Nor perhaps the Kennedys the Gores, etc.

Pearl said...

paintedjaguar: thank you for this amazing interview with a black Bernie clone. Wish the black community would be influenced by the information coming out. Makes it harder to think that people like Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders are not running the country.
I did not see any dodging of questions, quite the contrary but did not get to the political family dynasty discussion yet.

I have a highly educated Canadian friend who says no matter how she tries to understand the United States, she can't because it is beyond any degree of rationality or sanity. I agree with her and say it has always been thus but the vultures were contained better before and those of us who knew it had to live with the truth. But we see it coming out now due to the modern methods of communication and observation which are like the tapes of black murders hidden and now being exposed. Perhaps this is the only possibility for change especially among the young with their communication objects and internet and examples around them. One can only hope, even if older.

Pearl said...

Sanders has Killer Mike in his Corner Times Argus

annenigma said...

Believe it or not, I actually feel sorry for Hillary Clinton, but I still wouldn't vote for her if you held a gun to my head!

Hillary wants the Presidency in the worst way and so does Bill - to atone for his sins - but she's not going to win. Hillary, Bill, and the entire Democratic Establishment have yet to realize that the times they are a'changin' and voters in both parties are ready to throw caution to the wind this election.

Hillary's underLYING problem is that she has always stood by her man, totally dependent upon his expert and aging political advice as if he were her political guru. If Hillary had been honest and principled like Bernie has, she would have been in the White House by now. But she chose to become a Clinton and lost her chance to be President a long time ago.

This could get really ugly as she and Bill realize that their last chance is slipping away. Watch out, Bernie!