Monday, February 8, 2016

Bill Kills

Last night while you were watching a bizarre Superbowl commercial featuring an ultrasound fetus seizing up at the sound of Daddy crunching Doritos, First Dude Wannabe Bill Clinton went full Quentin Tarantino with a bizarre verbal seizure of his own.

Dressed nattily and folksily in a Buffalo plaid shirt, the aging ex-prez outed himself as a pathetic troller of Internet trolls who are (shock!) bashing Wifey based solely upon her XX chromosomes. Of course, the way the New York Times headline described his puerile hissy fit, it was a lot more intellectual: "Bill Clinton Launches Stinging Attack on Bernie Sanders." 

But Bill's tirade against Sanders -- as well as against the supporters whom Hillary hopes to seduce should she win the nomination -- was more like a flailing sledgehammer than the skilled jabs of a boxer or polemicist. 

He told the sad but unverifiable tale of an anonymous "female progressive blogger" who has been personally injured in comments boards by those ubiquitous and largely nonexistent Bernie Bros. He ridiculed Sanders for voting for the Wall Street-friendly Commodity Futures Modernization Act, which Clinton himself immediately signed after passive-aggressively sneaking it, at the last minute, into an 11,000-page lame duck omnibus monstrosity. Few legislators had a chance to notice it, let alone study it. Clinton now fails to mention why he signed it instead of vetoing it.

Clinton also went into high dudgeon because it appears that Bernie once slipped up and not only attended a DNC fundraiser, he had the gall to breathe the same air as the lobbyists in attendance. And on and on. If this is the best oppo research that the crack Clinton team can come up with, then Bernie is a shoo-in for both the nomination and the general.

It's almost as though Bill Clinton wants to put his wife's campaign out of its misery by killing it as quickly as possible. Or then again, maybe the whole idea is to deliberately make himself look like such an asshole that people will vote for Hillary out of pity. The anti-Bernie New York Times, for some odd reason, even described his appearance as "poignant." The reporter seemed to half-realize midway through dutifully transcribing Bill's unhinged remarks how truly bizarre they were.

Red-baiting has been proven ineffective. So has the ridiculous shaming of female voters by feminist "icons" Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem.

 Bill Clinton infamously co-opted the Reagan Revolution and turned the Democratic Party to the right by announcing during his first campaign that "the era of big government is over."

And now Bernie Sanders is proving through his own first campaign that the era of corrupt, Clinton-style identity politics is over. 

Trickle-down feminism of the type being espoused by multimillionaires Hillary Clinton, Albright and Steinem is as much a sham as trickle-down economics. Women living on the brink of financial collapse are not up for vicariously enjoying Hillary Clinton's shattering of any glass ceiling.

 We are all too aware of the falling, deadly shards that she has already left in her wake. 


annenigma said...

This just in from my NH spies - Bill and Hill will be driving to Bernie's place tonight to toss dirty diapers in his front yard and toilet paper his trees.

So BOLO for this couple. They'll be driving a dirty, roadsalt-encrusted pickup truck and will be in disguise, wearing their NH hicks-from-the-sticks getups: plaid flannel and jeans and Red Sox baseball caps. Hillary will also wear a ring of keys on her belt and muck boots. She'll also be cackling loudly.

Pearl said...

Jay: One of the comments to the article about Bill Clinton was to the point:

NY 3 hours ago

"The Clinton campaign parades out multimillionaire M.Albright and billionaire's girlfriend G. Steinem to criticize financially struggling young millennial women. That was quite rich."

In those early years I found the early feminists with Steinem leading turned me off. There were numerous complaints from black and other minority women that they and their problems were ignored by the comfortable white women leading Feminist thinking. I also found their push for women to get into the military on the fighting fronts was counter productive for peace initiatives. Also blaming men en masse in strong language for women's problems in the marketplace created a wall of resentment which distorted the real political issues involved and ignored the fact that men as well as women were the victims of the establishment practices.

I hope the Clintons self destruct and give the rest of the country a chance to come to their senses but their underhanded methodology knows no boundaries. I remember after my husband and I voted for Bill Clinton he told me not long after the Clintons came into the White House that we had made a mistake in supporting them. Shades of the same feeling I had shortly after Obama became President and trashed the universal health care plan and knew I had wasted my vote.

Pearl said...

My above comment to Jay is in answer to his comment after Karen's last column when I printed the article about Bill Clinton's tirade in New Hampshire.

Pearl said...

Nina Turner changes her mind on Hillary Clinton, endorses Bernie Sanders for president

I just saw an interview with this Ohio Senator on CNN on leave to support Bernie Sanders.She is an impressive black woman and represents hope for the future. Made a tremendous impression in her replies to her interviewer. Hope it catches on.

Pearl said...

Here's why Bill Clinton is attacking 'sexist' Bernie Bros

From the Christian Science Monitor

Pearl said...

A very interesting and historically accurate article from the Huffington Post.

Bill Clinton With Madeline Albright and Gloria Steinem to the Rescue! via @HuffPostPol

Richard Ohio said...

Ann, your comment made me laugh out loud

Off topic, but why isn't FEMA helping the people of Flint Mich. relocate?

Also, as an Ohioan, who is the Ohio Senator mentioned? I want to get on board.

annenigma said...

When Hillary and Bernie were talking about Flint, I was thinking 'Wait, don't we already have a Democrat in the White House? Where's Obama? Has he done or said anything, or did I miss it?' It reminds me of his response to the BP oil spill - *crickets*

Getting back to Hillary's campaign, it's doomed and I'll tell you why. It's her owners!

All those wealthy 'donors' who have invested so much in her over the years want to be sure they get the return on their investment. She had looked like a sure bet, but not any longer. Now that her campaign is faltering, those power players are going to use their paid access to her to insert themselves into her campaign and give her advice directly which she will have to heed. That will cause continuing and escalating conflicts and undermine the morale and efforts of her campaign staff. The powerful Clinton Machine is going to come crashing down due to the destructive force of Power, just like that giant NY crane succumbed to the power of Nature.

Bernie doesn't have that problem because he hasn't been bought. His team can continue to function as one coherent, focused entity and we're behind him to power him along and keep him solid, steady, and strong.

So $uck on that, Hillary. Money can't buy you love or a Presidential election.

Jay–Ottawa said...

Dirty diapers and toilet paper mixed in with Slick Willy, Gloria and Madeleine? Good grief, Hillarydom must be getting desperate.

Bernie may have started out as a good sheep dog, but could he have been surprised at his own success? The young, thinking of their dismal futures without good jobs, crushing student loans and the prospect of having to live at home with mom and dad forever, are flocking to the Sanders camp. With nothing but full houses at his rallies, Bernie the sheepdogger is beginning to consider the possibility of taking over the whole operation from the designated shepherds.

Everybody knows Bernie is supposed to take NH easily. But, if he wins by an overwhelming margin, Hillary will look worse––shades of Jeb––and there will be more flailing around in her camp. That would pain me so. Meanwhile, Bernie––and we––will know he's got that magic thing called momentum. He'll need that for the contests to come in the South and West.

Meredith NYC said...

It was bound to happen—in this epochal election, that some feel electing our 1st woman president is the highest priority. We’re behind many other countries who have had female heads of state. Gender is being used to divert attention from the fact that Hillary is the corporate candidate.

But our politics is so overbalanced by private money power, it’s not yet an advanced enough democracy for the luxury of worrying about gender equality for president.

Clinton talks about ‘shadow banks’ being a bigger threat than investment banks, so to restore the old regulations her husband dismantled won’t protect us from a repeat banking crisis.

But it’s actually ‘shadow government’ that’s the real threat--the corporate movers behind the politicians we elect.

An unsettling thought hit me about NYT.
Maybe the more that liberals criticize the Times for their unbalanced coverage of Bernie and Hillary, the more the Times likes it. It establishes it as a pro corporate centrist newspaper, and reinforces its influence and prestige.

Throw in a bit of humanitarian editorials on criminal justice, and civil rights and Flint water crisis. But don’t challenge the big money powers too strongly. Never mention Citizens United. That keeps the balance just about right, (er, centrist).

Nasreen Iqbal said...

Rachel Maddow just called Hillary on this in an interview, basically saying, "There are rude people on the internet. If you were going to try and encourage your supporters to be less rude, how would you go about that?"

The answer was unclear.

Jay–Ottawa said...

That's a fine question by Maddow to Clinton, probably by way of getting the latter and her team to ease up on repeatedly fouling Bernie. We can see what you're up to, Madam Secretary. But from what little I know about Maddow, she's an unlikely person to be channelling Ms Manners.

Simply and transparently interview the candidates and keep them from wandering off the important issues. So many journalists remind me of the Pharisees in the New Testament out to trap Jesus with conundrums having nothing to do with matters of justice or one's obligations to the rest of humanity.

Chris Hedges touches on that subject in his Monday morning essay about soulless technocrats who implement the indefensible every day, an example being local and state governments ignoring the Flint crisis for more than a year.