Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Kitchen Sink: Episode One In An Infinite Series

To his credit, Bernie Sanders waxed sanguine in last night's victory speech. He fully expects the Clintonoids to throw the kitchen sink at him as well as everything else at their (garbage) disposal. He fully expects the mainstream media to continue treating him (and by extension, his supporters) with utter disdain.

The Kitchen Sink has Nixonian soap scum and rancid grease ringed all around it. It is already becoming a virtual petri dish of dirty tricks.

One recent artifact in the atrocity exhibition shows Hillary Clinton papering over the stonewalling about her paid Wall Street speeches with ever more layers of dishonesty.  Jonathan Turley writes that "an unknown group of Clinton supporters has created a clearly misleading site called Hillaryclintonspeeches that comes up whenever someone tries to search the controversies. What they find is not a site on the speech controversy, but a pro-Clinton site that directs them to glowing reviews of Clinton and campaign websites."

Turley is right. A Google search of "Hillary Wall Street speeches" brings up the phony site right near the top of the results list. Far from addressing the speech controversy, it is essentially an aggregation blog of all things Clinton. The writing itself, while not really terrible, is of decidedly high school newspaper caliber. Flint, Michigan, for example, is glossed over as simply "having a struggle with poor water quality." The latest entry, published post-Sanders rout, offered a robotic, blow-by-blow account of the Clinton Family's Day. First, they took a walk. Then, it snowed. Then, Hillary spoke. Yada yada yada. 

A few days earlier, it reported, Bill had said Bernie was a hermetically sealed hypocrite. 
The fan site, with archives dating all the way back to last week, is obviously a production of the Clinton Machine, with the express purpose of diverting attention from the alleged graft and corruption. They don't particularly seem to care about editing, or making their candidate sound especially coherent. The whole idea seems to be that if I can read about what Chelsea ate for breakfast, I will forget all about the fraud and corruption running like a polluted river through the family DNA. 

A clumsily-worded sample from "Hillary Clinton Speeches": 
On Sunday, Hillary sat down with Jake Tapper for an interview during CNN's State of the Union. In an episode that featured interviewed (sic) with candidates from both parties, Tapper asked Clinton about her record and how she deals with the double standard of treatment as a female candidate. She said, "We are still living with a double standard. I know it. Every woman I know knows it, whether you're in the media as a woman, or you're in the professions or business or politics, and I don't know anything other to do than just keep forging through it, and just keep taking the slings and arrows that comes with being a woman in the arena." Clinton was also asked about her trip to Flint, Michigan later Sunday afternoon. 
 Anyway, I signed up for an email subscription just for the hell of it, and received the usual anonymous "do not reply" WordPress confirmation request. But maybe my spies can figure out the source of this amateurish endeavor. My guess would be the Digital War Room of Hillary's Brooklyn HQ.

Judging from the inexpert writing quality, the actual scribes are probably unpaid interns. (First and foremost, she sat down with Jake Tapper. Asked about the double standard, Hillary talked about the double standard. Asked about her trip to Flint, Hillary talked about her trip to Flint, etc. The bloggers have apparently not yet gotten around to learning about punchy ledes and the avoidance of redundancy.)

 I mustn't be too harsh, though. After all, Hillary is too cheap to pay her young interns a salary. She does require a CV, two letters of recommendation, and also solicits Tweets from millennials, asking them to share with her how their crushing student debt makes them feel. Then she picks the lucky, wage-free winners. I'm willing to speculate that if they're really lucky, the Hillaryclintonspeeches bloggers might get partial credit toward their Communications 101 courses. They might learn about the five Ws, and even the H. (who, what, when, where, why and how.)

 Bernie Sanders, for his part, pays his young interns $10.10 an hour. He is the only presidential candidate to do so. I am told that they even write personal replies to people who email Sanders. None of this canned "Friend: Have my back. Send $1!"

 So much for Hillary's claim to care about the debt-saddled, underemployed youth of America. So much for winning their hearts, minds, or votes.

One important difference between the two Democratic candidates:

Hillary puts her mouth where the money is, and Bernie puts his money where his mouth is. Hillary is all about Her. Bernie is all about Us.

....To Be Continued.


Pearl said...

The Clintons Have Lost the Working Class via @newyorker

Meredith NYC said...

Karen...Haven't had time to read your post yet, and thoroughly enjoy it, but just to say---
Krugman is suddenly quiet instead of his daily blogging. Is he stunned by Sanders win 60/39 pct?
Maybe he’s relieving his shock by listening to some of his Friday night music that he shares with readers every week.
Krugman always accuses the Gop of Zombie ideas. But he and Hillary are the ones with the Zombie ideas. Selling dead non-proposals, marketed like they're viable. Let's see how he spins and resurrects Hillary now.

annenigma said...

My newest bumper sticker made today (not original):

Hillary For Prison 2016

I don't care if I offend any Hillary fans. I would NEVER vote for her under any circumstances.

I read she's going to go nuclear and attack Bernie on not being Jewish enough and not staunch enough a supporter of Bibi the Butcher and his belligerently militant Israeli regime. Her scorched earth campaign is intended to destroy Bernie so he's not viable in the general. In other words, if she can't have the Presidency, then she'll make sure he doesn't either.

Pearl said...

Hillary Clinton has a major honesty problem after New Hampshire

Pearl said...

Why Hillary Clinton Doesn’t Deserve the Black Vote via @thenation

annenigma said...

Big debate tonight on PBS. Will Hillary start calling for a Political Revolution?

Bill Sprague said...

Sorry, you are wrong. Like with you (I once sent you money for the "tip jar" and you bit my head off for pointing out a grammar error you made and you did it in public no less, on this blog) I sent Bernie's campaign money and they continue to send me begging-for-money emails each day, with different titles but all addressed to me. Some days I get multiple emails. Despite checking the unsubscribe box.

Still, I like reading your rants, I mean blog. Laughter IS the best medicine!

Karen Garcia said...

Bill Sprague,

Thanks! I apologize for having mistaken you for a mansplainer and for having bitten your head off over your correction of my stupid grammar error, but I am very happy that your head still continues to come here and be amused anyway.

I admit that I make my share of mistakes. The editor who proofreads her own work is a fool of a writer. Or something.

Pearl said...

I am reprinting this as it appeared on the end of the last column, Karen. they all seem to blend into each other.

February 10, 2016 at 11:33 PM

Pearl said...
Karen: congratulations on your comment to Blow's latest column with top of the line and 1320 reader choices checks so far. His column was particularly vile today with put downs of Bernie and misspeaking for other black voters.
Do print it on our website. Thank you.

February 11, 2016 at 1:08 PM

annenigma said...

If anybody rants, it's me. Btw Bill, if your comment was about Karen starting a sentence with 'And', we sure did have fun with that one! And I hope you can forgive us for enjoying a bit of laughter at your expense. Glad you came back to enjoy the Political Revolution Party!

Here's my rant to the NYT about the rigged Democratic primary:

"What difference, at this point, does it make!!!!"

Despite tying in the Iowa caucuses and being crushed in NH, Hillary is way ahead in delegates thanks to her locking up super delegates far in advance, leading Bernie 394 to 42. It's the supers who will determine who the primary nominee is, not us.

They're the Democratic Party Establishment - the bigwigs, insiders, and power players. It's not fair nor democratic to give such inordinate power to a SELECT few people, but the system was designed to preserve and protect power, not to preserve and protect democracy.

It's far easier to lock in the votes of just a few hundred supers than millions of ordinary voters. The best part is that no one knows what's been promised, paid, exchanged, or threatened - other than being rendered to a "special place in Hell" if you're a woman.

Our voting power was stolen long ago, not just by Big Money, but by those addicted to power. That's another reason we need a deep cleansing Political Revolution to restore the soul of Democracy, and the outcome of this election might just prove that point. The whole system is rigged and the corruption is propped up by the older established power players who will not willingly loosen their grip on it.

Some people cling to guns and religion, some cling to money and power, and some of us just value freedom, democracy, and FAIRNESS - real American values. Maybe we need an American Party.

Bernie or Bust!

Pearl said...

Very disappointing report: sends the wrong message to black voters.

Hillary Clinton Gets Backing From Black Democrats in Congress via @NYTPolitics

Anonymous said...

The NYT didn't print that comment (above) to Charles Blow, so I submitted it to another NYT article 'Stakes in Nevada Rising for Hillary'. That was didn't fly either. I wonder how many other comments along the same line are they keeping out of sight?

annenigma said...

Anonymous = annenigma

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