Wednesday, August 3, 2016

I Got Hacked

Note to readers: if any of you received an email from me containing a weird link, don't open it. It wasn't from me. My account was hacked.

If you did click on the link, please change your email password right away. 

My account is now secure - I changed my own password.


Cirze said...

Thanks for the notice. I'm so glad you spoke out.

I was given a brand new computer about a month ago and today it can hardly stay on the page I'm typing. It seems to have so many bugs in it that I can't be sure any of it is stable.

I tried to download all the virus programs like malwarebytes and Avast (while I'm running ZoneAlarm to no effect it seems) and it won't let me - says the files are too long to be read and installed.

Good luck to you.

I think "they" know who their enemies are.

Nonni Muss said...

There might be a few stray emails coming across. I got one from you at 3AM.