Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's Not Easy Being Green...

... So it was therefore somewhat miraculous that CNN broke into its regular programming of all things Trump and Terror in order to bring the viewing audience an hour and a half of Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, who are running at the top of the Green Party presidential ticket. In prime time, no less.

In case you missed it, here's the entire clip of Wednesday night's town hall:

It's a testament to the utter meaninglessness of Hillary Clinton's high standing in the polls that her surrogates are going after Stein with a viciousness not seen since, oh I don't know.... the Bernie Sanders uprising?

They're bringing out the same old "spoiler" canard which had Ralph Nader costing Al Gore the 2000 election, despite the fact that it was thousands of Florida Democrats voting for Bush who tipped the scales, as well as Gore losing his own home state, and a corrupt Supreme Court ultimately completing what truly was a rigged process of crony capitalism and hanging chads.

"How do you sleep at night?" demanded one Hillary plant in CNN's town hall audience.  I loved Stein's riposte about the dual nightmare of Clump (Clinton + Trump), along with Baraka's own refusal to apologize for having once called President Obama an "Uncle Tom" and enabler of white supremacy. The Sensitive Plants from Clinton's garden drooped visibly.

"I'm With Her" dwindled right down to "I'm Wither." 


So if this socialistic spectacle had another Jill (Abramson) reaching for her barf bowl in the queasy aftermath of her latest neoliberal Guardian column, I'd be neither surprised nor sympathetic. She wrote in her first sentence that the mere thought of Nader makes her ralph. This is the woman who, after being fired from the top editorial spot at the New York Times, turned to teaching aspiring journalists at Harvard and then setting quite the example for her students by abandoning reportage for a sordid gig of blatant Hillary-shilling.

Still, the nauseated and nauseating Abramson doesn't even come close to the stomach-churning literary intensity of her liberal sister-in-journalism Rebecca Schoenkopf of Wonkette. She called Jill Stein "a generally miserable cunty hag" for apparently no other reason than that she's not a cool and edgy member of the "Hillary Family" like Rebecca and her feminist Democratic friends.

With Stein's current threatening five percent standing in the national polls, it certainly isn't easy being Green.

But it certainly beats the sickly biliousness of some of the sore winners of Hillaryland.


Jay–Ottawa said...

I've been too focused on 5%. That's the percentage of votes needed to trigger public funding for the Greens. Other numbers now have my attention.

In the CNN program linked here, another, larger percentage was mentioned concerning the next big step in making it possible for more Americans to hear the Green message. It came out that, under current management rules for presidential debates, 15% of the vote is needed for a party representative to stand behind a podium. That's provided the wily agents of the Duopoly who now control the debates don't move the goal posts after the Greens get 15% of the vote.

Another number. Jill Stein, in answering a question about the likelihood of a third party being anything other than a wasted vote or a spoiler, brought up another interesting figure: the number of young people carrying student debt, which happens to be around 43 million former students. Those 43 million have every reason to vote Green in November, because the Greens are pledged to erase all student loans, just as the Fed found a way of erasing the entire debt of the big banks. Forty-three million votes for the Greens would put them in the White House. Well, at least it works out that way with paper and pencil. All Stein and Baraka have to do now is reach out to those 43 million student debtors by November 8.

anonymous Pearl said...

paintedjaguar said...

IOKIYAD - It's Okay If You're A Democrat. Well, at least if you're a Hillbot.
USA, USA, Hill-a-ry, Hill-a-ry.
"to our enemies -- we will pursue you as only America can. You will fear us!" - Gen. John Allen at the Democratic National Convention.

My, but we do live in ironic times don't we?

traynorjf said...

Great comment in the NYT

Ste-vo said...

Touchez Karen, You are the #1 Reader pick comment to MaDO's OPED today, 8.21.16, and Matthew Carnicelli is #2. You are both favorites of mine. Matthew ALWAYS has a comment to the bloviating of David Brooks. Keep up the good work. It is wonderfully convincing, sad and so appropriate.