Tuesday, December 20, 2016

And So It Begins

That he righteously shot Donald Trump to death in a Walmart parking lot is the novel defense of an upstate New York man actually arrested and charged with the murder of a UPS delivery driver.

Justin Barkley of Ithaca told a judge on Monday that not only did he kill Donald Trump on December 8th, he's eager to plead guilty to the charge on grounds that he had performed a great public service.

As reported by The Ithaca Voice, Barkley said: "I shot and killed Donald Trump purposely, intentionally and very proudly."

Claiming (either mistakenly or falsely) that he knew that Trump would be holding a rally in front of Walmart, Barkley added for extra emphasis, "I went there to purposely shoot and kill him and put him down."
 He told the court that he understood the difference between mistaking a person for being Trump and asserting that he actually killed Trump. When asked if any evidence could be presented to him to suggest he killed a different person, he said, "I would hope not."
The lawyers are understandably flummoxed. How best to try this case? A defense of not guilty by reason of insanity, or not guilty by reason of misplaced patriotism, or not guilty by reason of insanity caused by the forced mass media infliction of Trump's sneering face and braying voice on every TV screen? Those are just three of the possible choices.

Barkley, who is also charged with menacing a police officer, adamantly refused to plead Not Guilty to killing UPS driver William Schumacher by reason of mental defect. He wants to plead guilty to killing Donald Trump by reason of mental acuity.

When the judge asked him if it would be possible to plead guilty and confess to killing Schumacher because he mistook him for Trump, Barkley demurred, saying that he had never met William Schumacher and didn't know William Schumacher. He therefore had no reason to shoot Schumacher.

The case will resume on January 2, after Barkley is examined by psychiatrists.


In other upstate New York news, video has now emerged of the notorious bus driver who decreed that the children who'd opted for Hillary Clinton in her mock election the previous day would be forced to remain on the bus until all the loyal Trump fans had exited. The pupils, in grades K through 5, were ordered to raise their hands, if not their outstretched arms, to remind their driver for whom they had "voted"" on Nov. 8th. When some of the children indignantly responded that they were too young to vote, the driver scoffed that pro-Trump opinions carried just as much weight as an actual vote. The driver, who is seen wearing a baseball cap emblazoned with a Trump Tower logo, seemed a little shocked that the students had not been properly indoctrinated in their classrooms about the election.

Officials of the Canandaigua City School District, while promising to investigate the incident, also took great pains to heap praise upon the unnamed driver for her spotless safety record and for her many years of loyal service. Mistakes can be made, even by nice hardworking people with a hankering to resurrect the Hitler Youth movement right here in the United States of the Homeland.

Changing the Magic To The Tragic


jamie said...

If fascism comes to America it will be through liberalism and not conservatism. This is evidenced by your article, the death threats to the electors, and the overall violence of the 'left' -- while the corporate media excuses such violence and magnifies any violence by Trump supporters. Imagine what the media would have done if Trump electors had deluged Clinton delegates with death threats. The US media is worse than Pravda was.

The utter hypocrisy of liberals to first whine about just the possibility of Trump not accepting the results -- and then using every dirty trick in the book, supported by the corporate media, to steal the election from Trump ... including death threats to electors. Rank hypocrisy and authoritarianism supported by corporate power is the first sign of fascism.

I hate liberals! They are trying to get us into a nuclear war with Russia and to violently overturn an election ... after supporting a war-criminal, wall-street stooge president. They have even less moral authority than neocons.

"I am really good at killing people."

- Dear Leader, Obama on Terror Tuesdays

Pearl said...

Nothing President Obama did or did not do will ever equal what President Trump will do or will not do to destroy democracy. And I only voted for Obama once because I was worried about his inadequacy.

Your hatred of liberals obviously includes progressives or anyone criticizing Trump. You have some surprises coming.

Pearl said...


And Obama is not and never was a Liberal. And the hysteria about Russian hacking is a Red Herring.

Zee said...

Obviously, the bus driver should have her ass fired like yesterday. This borders on child abuse, and I say this as conservo-libertarian who supported neither neocon Clinton nor demagogue Trump.

The "Ithaca killer" is likely quite likely mentally ill, although, speaking as one who lived and worked in Ithaca for a year, the place could clearly drive any sane person bat-shit crazy in a fortnight. That might serve as a defense in any reasonable court of law in the land. (This last is sarcasm--sort of.)

Zee said...


I guess that I'm not sure that broad-brush political labels are going to work in this particular forum. Hillary Clinton isn't a liberal and, IMHO, Donald Trump isn't a conservative. And the people who participate on this blog are equally-well not stereotyped. Why not sit back for a while and see where people fall on a political spectrum that may not entirely be a straight, left-to-right spectrum, before using words like "hate?"

There are things that are said by people on both sides of the political spectrum--which I would argue is actually a political "circle" that joins in a really bad middle on the opposite side of "moderation"--that do nothing to promote common understanding.

Hope that this makes some sense, but I have Christmas party to get to where I hope we will not be discussing the 2016 election or politics.

annenigma said...

And So It Begins

Something else might be beginning.

Obama boasted "I'm really good at killing people" and recently warned Russia there would be retaliation for their alleged meddling in our elections "at a time and place of our choosing". "Some will be visible and some not."

'Intelligence sources' most recent leak to the MSM was that Obama had actually used the nuclear Red Phone recently to warn Russia. Those intelligence 'leaks' have become more like a flood lately. Good thing they don't have to worry about being prosecuted.

Obama has very little time left to act, so has he already ordered action? Specifically, was the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey Act 1?

There was speculation about the CIA's involvement in the attempted coup in Turkey last summer, and the assassin of the ambassador is connected to the leader of that coup, Fethullah Gulen, who is living in the USA and being protected by the USA from extradition to Turkey on terrorism charges.

It reminds me of something Obama recently said about Putin. "Nothing much happens without him [Putin] being involved". Ditto the CIA, especially when it comes to engineering coups and assassinations. The CIA is the President's personal secret army.

I'm so glad that the Democrats and MSM have made conspiracy theory not just acceptable, but popular. I get to put my tinfoil hat back on!