Saturday, December 10, 2016

Note On Comments

Due to an onslaught of spam, I've had to revert back to comment moderation mode.

So if your offering doesn't appear as immediately as it used to, please don't despair or get mad. I'll be around to approve it in as timely a manner as possible during daylight hours. But for those of you who post in the middle of the night, you might have to wait until morning for your comment to see the light of day. 

Sorry for any inconvenience. Hopefully, we can get back to unmoderated comments sooner rather than later.


Patricia M. said...

Karen - No doubt you've struck a nerve.

Unknown said...

It's a shame we have to take such steps, but probably inevitable. Although now I won't be able to see badly worded Ukrainian ads for handbags in your comments (I am assuming your spam is like mine)...

Kat said...

Just thought I'd share this. Malcom Gladwell on edward Snowden, writing in the New Yorker:
But Snowden did not study under a Nobel Prize winner, or give career advice to the likes of Henry Kissinger. He was a community-college dropout, a member of the murky hacking counterculture. He enlisted in the Army Reserves, and washed out after twenty weeks. He worked at the C.I.A. for a few years and left under a cloud. He learned about the innermost secrets of American intelligence-gathering and policy not because he was personally involved with that intelligence-gathering or policymaking but because he was a technician who helped service the computer systems that managed these things. The élites, Snowden once said, “know everything about us and we know nothing about them—because they are secret, they are privileged, and they are a separate class.” Had Snowden been a whistleblower in 1967, at the launch of the Pentagon Papers, he would have blown the whistle on Daniel Ellsberg. The whistleblower as insider has become the whistleblower as outsider. That is a curious fact, and, as we come to terms with the consequences of Snowden’s actions, it may be an underappreciated one.
There ya have it.

Jamie said...

I made 500 per hour spreading Hillary Clinton's lies about email hacking by the Russians. /s

Pearl said...

Interesting article from Truthout

Could Massive Russian Oil Deal With Exxon Explain Why Putin Appears to Have Meddled in US Election?
Monday, 12 December 2016 00:00
By Amy Goodman, Democracy Now! | Video Interview