Thursday, June 1, 2017

Give It a Rest, Hillary

Hillary Clinton's latest excuse for losing the election to Donald Trump is that nobody could have survived on her pedestal of awesome inevitability.

"I was the victim of the assumption that I would win," Hillary Clinton deadpanned in the latest episode of her perpetual Blame Game Tour.

That's like complaining you've been fired based upon the unreasonable expectation of your boss that you'd show up for work. That's like complaining that after you fell in an Olympic relay race you'd bribed your way into, it was all the fault of the greedy officials who let you on the track as well as the stupid rubes who bet on your victory.

I take full responsibility, but nothing is ever my fault. Hear me roar, whined Hillary to her well-heeled Silicon Valley audience. She presented her hosts with a complimentary bottle of an alcoholic concoction she called Rodham Rye. The stage was thus set for some sloppy softball mellowness to help make the vitriol go down.

"Goldman Sachs paid me!" she squealed in delight at one point during Wednesday's interview. But the fact that she also spoke to camp counselors balanced the whole thing out. Also too, she helped hunt down and kill Osama bin Laden. Plus, men get paid for the speeches they make.

 Also miffed that Trump is stealing the media-blaming limelight from her, Clinton accused the press of treating her use of a private email system "as though it were Pearl Harbor." She obviously didn't get the irony of that remark, given how she acted like a Kamikaze pilot during her presidential campaign. She bombed in one suicidal campaign appearance after the other.

She also had the nerve to rip the Democratic National Committee, which had bent over backwards to rig the nomination in her favor through, among other things, limiting the number of debates with Bernie Sanders and ensuring that their scheduling interfered with football playoffs and national holidays and weekends so as to attract the fewest viewers possible.

"I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party," she fumed, whereas Donald Trump got all his precious data handed to him on a silver platter. Harrumph.

But the real paranoid coup de grace of her performance at a California technology conference was her rambling attack on "Americans" who must have helped "the Russians" to meddle in her campaign. “I think it’s fair to ask, how did that actually influence the campaign, and how did they know what messages to deliver?” she said. “Who told them? Who were they coordinating with, and colluding with?”

After conjuring up an epic image of a thousand grotesque anti-Hillary bots and trolls cavorting about in cyberspace, she then paradoxically went on to call Trump a "very reactive personality" and questioned what, exactly, he means by the word "covfefe." It must be a secret coded dog-whistle to Vladimir Putin. That is the only possible, rational explanation. She was, after all, speaking at a Code Conference.

You can watch her whole spiel in the clip below. You are guaranteed to cringe in your seat as the litany of blame evolves into an ear-splittingly off-key crescendo of bilious self-pity.

If more than a few minutes of unbridled narcissistic victimhood are too much for you to bear, however, then I highly recommend the troll-hunting scene from Peer Gynt as a more healthful substitute. It absolutely captures the essence of where this woman's head is at:

Meanwhile, Hillary's more understated understudy Chelsea Clinton went on TV herself to trill that the dashing of stupid people's unreasonable expectations about her mother was actually "an unexpected blessing."

Chelsea said that although she's been told by outsiders that her family once planted petunias and tomatoes together when she was a tot, she has no independent memory of this event. All she can remember of her childhood is the hours of homework and the piano lessons that transformed her into the overachieving adult she is today.

Chelsea says she is imagining the childhood she might have had as she watches Bill and Hillary in their dotage dig in the dirt with her own daughter in a DNA deluge. "It was such an unforeseen gift that my daughter was giving me to see my parents in that way," Chelsea smirked to the ladies of The View.

As long as Hillary Clinton keeps telling us over and over and over again that she is doing O.K. despite her persecution complex, maybe some of her psychotic magic will start rubbing off on us too.

Long walks in the woods, organizing our closets, blaming Russians, guzzling the Chardonnay and the Rodham Rye like there's no tomorrow might help us forget all our unreasonable assumptions about there even being a tomorrow.

Skol. Hiccup. And then gag me with a Covfefe.


Jamie said...

"If you look at Facebook, the vast majority of the news items posted were fake. They were connected to, as we now know, the thousand Russian agents."

- Hillary

"I had no control over the Russians ... too bad about that ."

- Hillary

Zee said...

There will, alas, be no end to Hillary's "Perpetual Blame Game Tour." She will endlessly refine and repeat her "Big Lie" all the way 'til 2020 in the hope that gullible Democratic Party loyalists will once again rally 'round yet another hopeless Hillary presidential candidacy. In vain though I am sure that hope will be, it is proof that the lady lives in some alternate reality completely detached from our own.

I despise Donald Trump, and I think that he's a complete "whack job." But he has one virtue: he's not the even-wackier Hillary.

Jay–Ottawa said...

In the mother country, from which we derive so much of our governing practice, a politician who heads a ticket that loses a crucial vote, like a referendum or a general election, steps down as soon as possible to let another take over, whether from across the isle or within his or her own party, or both.

David Cameron, in observance of this tradition, exited 10 Downing as soon as Brexit pulled the rug out from under him. He had pushed for Remain and so he followed that view to the dumpster. Within his own ranks, Theresa May stepped up to take the crestfallen PM's place as head of the Conservative Party and the UK. She is now leading the way to implement Brexit. Cameron, after all he had done for Remain, was unacceptable to pursue Brexit. No one had to tell him to get lost.

How very, very civilized. Does anyone know how we might deliver news of this tradition to Hillary? She was KO'd but is still staggering around in the ring. A concussion, a palpable concussion. Her fighting days are over. She still thinks of herself as a big contender but got wasted by a small-time punk who had more losses than wins in his career. Has Hillary no seconds in possession of a white towel?

Syracuse University once had a football coach who opted for an easy field goal as the last play of the game, which could only give him 3 points adding up to nothing more than a tie ball game. Yup, instead of gambling on a run or a pass for 6 points and a win, he chose a tie. Ever see a stadium empty in silence? After the game the opposing coach gave him the well-deserved present of a (neck) tie. Maybe we should begin sending Hillary a white towel each time she shows up punching the air with grunts and shadow boxing moves. Hillary, spare us a rematch. Has the DNC no bench?

Win big and you take over; lose big and you're supposed to fall on your sword, at least figuratively. Because you were wrong, because your charisma is a flat line, or because you're a wisdom figure so advanced no one can keep up with you. In any event, Hillary, no followers, no office. Politics doesn't suit you, never did. See those white towels flying through the air?

Home, James! From now on, it's memoirs, the grandchild and sips of Rodham Rye.

Raymond said...

Give it a rest, Karen. Please.

Why the obsession with Hillary? Why continue to beat that dead horse?

Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate accords yesterday. Climate change is an existential threat. Trump's action condemns many thousands, if not millions, to death from flooding, drought, hurricanes, and famine.

I tried making the case here that, unsatisfactory as she was, Hillary was a far less contemptible candidate than Trump, and that we all had an obligation to do everything we could to ensure that Trump not be elected.

Hillary's pity party road show, unseemly as it is, is meaningless. It certainly isn't worth the twice-weekly attention it's being given here.

Perhaps we might start trying to atone for our sins. Maybe, instead of beating up on Hillary, we could devote some attention to stopping those policy directives coming from the Trump administration that would never have been issues had Hillary been elected.

You have a significant audience, Karen. How about doing something meaningful with it?

Jay–Ottawa said...

I agree, let's talk about the environment all the time.

The lesser of two evils was a lap dog of Wall Street. And Wall Street is so Green.

The lesser of two evils was a dear friend of our pay-to-play Saudi allies. And the Saudis are way out front on going anti-carbon.

The lesser of two evils loved the Pentagon and loved to use it. And the military is so respectful of the earth's flora and fauna.

The lesser of two evils never would have turned her back on the Paris Accords. She would have exceeded its minimum standards just as Obama did ever since the Copenhagen Climate Summit.

Maybe, Karen, you should define 'Uniparty' and 'Duopoly' on a daily basis until all readers in your significant audience, even the trolls, catch on.

Mark Thomason said...

Democrats must not repeat the Hillary experience. Right now they are on course to do so, because the same people are in charge, using the same donor money in the same ways.

That is why we must beat the "dead horse" of Hillary. It isn't dead yet. It isn't even Hillary, it is what put her up. Hillary herself seems to think it is about her, but she's wrong, it is about not getting another one of her from the same people.

Karen Garcia said...

Raymond, you are really too kind in calling me a Hillary obsessive, seeing as how the last piece I wrote exclusively about her was way back on April 24th. But since your concerns are very important to me, I promise to try very hard in the future to make your "twice-weekly" accusation more than just a fever-dream. Until you reminded me, I was unaware of how remiss I have been, devoting most of my recent posts to Donald Trump.

What would we do without Trump to blame for everything? If it hadn't been for him pulling out of the relatively weak Paris climate pact only months after Obama had belatedly agreed to it for purposes of legacy-burnishing, the world would be a Garden of Eden even as we speak.

Fracking was going on long before Trump. Pipelines were being constructed and leaking and exploding long before Trump. Oil companies were being subsidized long before Trump. The US military, one of the worst polluters on the planet, was always made specifically exempt from climate agreements and environmental laws, long before Trump.

So thanks again for reminding me, and inspiring me to expand my horizons far beyond Trump.

Jamie said...

"I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate."

- Joe Biden on Hillary

TimothyD11 said...

Like what? Support establishment Democrats on their terms, without them even slightly moving away from taking big donor money, or without even slightly moving back towards fighting for working people...especially after having to put up with crazy Trump and the Republicans BECAUSE of the way they are? Just unite behind the Democrats that are plenty capable of continuing to lose to future Trumps and Republicans if they change nothing?

How about we use this opportunity to steer the Democratic Party towards being a party that won't lose to crazy Republicans again? This way we don't have to go into a fill blown panic because Republicans behave like Republicans when in power?

Elizabeth -- Marysville said...

The. Horse. Is. Not. Dead. This is one woman who has a ton of sins to atone for, as does the Democratic Party, but she won't go away. Unfortunately, there are millions of people, such as today's mansplainer, who believe HRC was/is the lesser of two evils. Trump is just a horrible wrapper, and as such, unable to put pretty paper and bows on the neoliberal sh**show that has been passing for "democracy" for so long.

The Paris agreement, being nonbinding for one thing, has no teeth, and signing on to it does not guarantee the world will not burn up, anyway. With or without Trump in office, the U.S. had/has nothing in the works to reverse climate change in a meaningful way. Our military is the biggest user of fossil fuels, and HRC certainly would not have drawn down the military.

Raymond. said...


Of course lots of bad things were happening before Trump and would have continued to happen even had Hillary been elected. But let's talk about the things that ARE happening today because Trump, and not Hillary, is president.

Medicaid is about to be devastated, taking medical insurance away from ten million people. The ACA exchanges will be gutted, too, meaning twelve or thirteen million more will lose their medical insurance. It will also now be legal for medical insurers to charge women more for their policies than men and to deny women basic medical services like contraception.

Internet privacy and net neutrality regulations have been decimated, making everything we say and do on line transparent to our ISPs and limiting our free access to information. We rightly complain about how the news media are controlled by just a few corporations, now it will be possible for our ISPs to control the information we can retrieve on line. And those ISPs - surprise, surprise - are owned by the same people who own our news media.

Environmental regulations governing the discharge of mining waste into our lakes and streams have been gutted, meaning many tens of thousands of Americans will be drinking polluted water and dying prematurely from the cancers they contract as a result.

And this is only a small sample of what's gone on in the first few months of this presidency.

But I'm being told this doesn't matter because people were already getting cancer from mining discharge. Apparently it doesn't matter that 23 million will lose their health care because 30 million others were already without it.

Would Hillary have gotten those 30 million health coverage? I doubt it. Would she have acted to take away the coverage from the 23 million? No. Would Hillary have rolled back our internet privacy protections? No. Would Hillary have rolled back mining pollution regulations? Of course not.

So please don't tell me Hillary and Trump represented the same kind of evil.

We're all on the same side here. We all want a more progressive America. But we just took a giant step backwards, in part because so many on the left decided that Hillary was just as bad as Trump. Well she wasn't, and now, when we finally do succeed in putting true progressives in power, we're going to have a lot of work to do just to get back to the place we were just a few months ago, and many people will have died during that time.

Y'all would have made great Bolsheviks.

annenigma said...

Hillary rode Bill's coattails as far as she could go, After two presidential election losses, you'd think she's go away quietly but no such luck. Her attachment, or addiction, to politics has always seemed unhealthy. We've never heard that she has any hobbies or interests besides politics, which suggests lack of balance in her life. It's really looking more like a pathology since she lost. What about balancing her life with other activities, like spending time with her grandchildren? She's got two now and she's not going to live forever.

Anyway, Bernie Sanders would have won the Presidency if Hillary hadn't pulled every trick in the book to take the Dem nomination. Polls posted on Real Clear Politics matching Bernie vs. Trump and Hillary vs. Trump consistently showed Bernie winning over Trump by a 7-10 point spread and Hillary consistently losing to Trump - week after week and month after month.

Too bad the corporate media didn't discuss or even acknowledge those results. Further exploration might have shown that Hillary hurt herself in the eyes of the public with the dirty tricks pulled on Bernie. Trump was right to mention the raw deal Bernie got. It was the truth. The fact is, Trump dared to tell more refreshing/shocking truths during the campaign than Hillary did (none) and that showed he wasn't owned. His remarks about Bernie being cheated, about Bush and the Iraq war, about the rigged system, about the Saudis and 9/11, etc. were appealing. Hillary couldn't risk truth-telling because she's owned by her donors. The ignorant orange clown engaged in just enough rare truth-telling to win because the public has been was starving for straight talk. Wouldn't speaking some rare truths make Trump appear to be the lesser evil? Bernie took off like a rocket because he was the real deal and wasn't even in the evil category at all, but Hillary shot him down and the rest is history.

Then there was Hillary's too clever by half 'Pied Piper' strategy as revealed by Wikileaks. The idea was to help Trump win the GOP nominee, assuming he'd be easiest to beat. That stunt backfired. Hillary did more to get Trump elected than Trump did.

As far as considering only the death or suffering of Americans from loss of health care as a measure of evil, Hillary might be seen by the legally blind as the lesser evil, but when considering all the deaths beyond our shores connected directly to her, she wins the evil contest because she's the more effective evil.

So does Hillary represent the 'same kind' of evil as Trump? "WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE?!" Evil is evil, whether victims are Americans or Libyans. Nationality should make no difference in that assessment.

Carol S. said...

I believe people should follow what Bernie Sanders is doing, and has been doing since he lost the primary to this person, with the help of the corrupt DNC.

For instance, on June 2 of this year, Bernie spoke in the U.K., praising Jeremy Corbin for fighting for the rights of the working people there. The link is below. On May 30, he spoke at a university in Germany to a crowd of many admiring young fans, focusing on world poverty and climate change, among other issues. He appears to be on a speaking tour in Europe now.

This man does not give up. I haven't researched sources, but he is now known as the US' most popular politician. I've even seen clips of interviews on the major TV Sunday morning news programs, where his opinion is sought on various things Trump is up to. It was very, very rare before the election, for this to happen, as the media was so intent on ignoring him.

What many people don't know is that through his 20-something year history in Congress, he was one of our country's best achievers, particularly in managing to pass amendments to bills he had problems with.

However, in that film you posted, Karen (I managed to watch the whole thing), if I'm not mistaken, neither the interviewers nor "interviewee" mentioned Bernie's name once.

Sorry, but I (still) can't bring myself to write the name of the subject of this blog, and even if I'm repeating myself, proudly state that I wrote in Bernie's name on the national election ballot, and would have done so even if I had lived in a swing state.


Carol S. said...

Annenigma rocks!!!

Zee said...


Why don’t YOU--and the other Hillary apologists--“give it a rest.” Please?

I didn’t vote for either Trump or Clinton.

I would have voted for Bernie Sanders over Trump, but the DNC did such a fine job of totally sabotaging Sanders’ candidacy that I was left with the choice of voting for two “equals-in-evil”—Clinton or Trump—or voting for Gary Johnson, the one near-adult in the room. Which I did.

Now, off on her national, apr├Ęs-election-loss, alt-reality “blame-splaining tour,” Clinton dares to charge even the DNC— who were entirely in the tank for her from the very start —for her loss to Trump:

Not to mention the other 23 or so “reasons” that she has invented since Nov. 9 to explain why she lost the election, that had—of course—absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she was a lousy candidate who ran a lousy campaign.

Raymond, you may regard Clinton as the lesser-of-two-evils; but I regard her as as being every bit as evil as Donald Trump. And as annenigma has already said, “evil is evil:”

(1) In the interest of retaining power—and working her way up to even greater power—she debased herself by defending her lecherous husband and demonizing his sexual victims.

(2) She was an undistinguished, undeserving, carpet-bagging U.S. Senator from the State of New York.

(3) She became an incompetent Secretary of State to POTUS Obama, the two of which jointly bungled the Russian “reset” and then cheerfully poured gasoline on the nation of Libya, touched a match to it, and then walked away from a failed state without apology.

(4) Hillary Clinton will never tell the truth when a lie will do.

(5) She deserves to be investigated and possibly prosecuted for: (a) Operating a private e-mail server and [mis]handling classified information on it outside of U.S. Government requirements; and (b) Possible pay-to-play conflicts-of-interest while serving both as Secretary of State and on the board of the Clinton Global Foundation. When Trump says “Lock her up,” I happily agree.

(6) And the list could go on…

Post-election-loss, Clinton is clearly inventing an “alt-reality” in which—like Richard Nixon—she “accepts the responsibility but not the blame” for her actions.

(Actually, it appears that Nixon never really said this, but it sure could have been him:

The mere fact that she cannot accept her loss and her responsibility for it is a clear reason why she should never have been president in the first place: She may well be delusional and mentally ill.

What other “backfired” lethal actions—taken during her hypothetical administration—would she have accepted “responsibility” for, and then blamed everything under the sun save herself for their failures?

Do we really need/want a serial liar/blame-shifter like Hillary as president any more than we need a clown like Donald Trump?

As Elizabeth—Marysville has said, “This. Horse. Is. Not. Dead. [Yet.]” It needs to be flogged until it is dead, lest Hillary’s “Big Lie” be believed come 2018 or 2020.

The very fact that Hillary apologists such as yourself still exist, Raymond, is proof that Hillary’s “Big Lie” remains a very real threat.

Zee said...

The most technologically interesting theory yet as to why Hillary lost the 2016 presidential election:

"You don't understand the Russians cloaked Wisconsin, so she couldn't find it on a map to get there and campaign there," said [CNN's John] King.

Jay–Ottawa said...

@ Raymond


You said 'please' and look at how many Bolsheviks stepped forward to respond: with patience and impatience, directly and obliquely, humor and seriousness, facts and metaphors, sincerity and pretense, logic and absurdity, irony and sardonicky. Where else could you find such a generous helping hand?

Now, how about a 'thank you.'

chuck said...

Just in case you haven't heard, Stop Me Before I Vote Again is back: