Saturday, June 10, 2017

People's Summit

The Real News Network is broadcasting a livestream of this weekend's People's Summit. You can watch it here.

Bernie Sanders was scheduled to be the keynote speaker tonight.

Update -- Bernie's entire speech:


Jeremy Corbyn's unexpected, de facto victory in the U.K.'s snap election has given added impetus and new optimism to stateside lefties, to say the least. The Guardian reports,
Bernie Sanders was among those to praise Labour’s result, saying it showed “people are rising up against austerity and massive levels of income and wealth inequality,” while left-leaning members of Congress said the victory would have major implications for the future of Democrats.
The question of course remains whether the "Democrats"  will also go enthusiastically left, embracing such programs as Medicare for All, or whether they will continue indulging their obsessive-compulsive Russophobic Disorder to their own ultimate detriment.


annenigma said...

Please allow me to beat a half-dead horse. BERNIE WOULD HAVE WON if that nag Hillary didn't, by hook and by crook, cheat him out of the nomination.

HRC deserves sole blame for the election of Donald Trump as President.

Pearl said...

Glad to hear a word or two about Bernie Sanders. I am on his mailing list and get many articles about the work he is doing. Many great people running for office have been spoken about and he is calling for donations from those who are interested.

He is doing much good work which is rarely mentioned in the regular press and he is not a half dead horse. Maybe a tired one.

And I agree Karen that the Democrats' obsessive compulsive Russophobic disorder is distracting from he real Trump family's involvement with their obsessive money ventures throughout the world and the Kremlin. That indeed calls for impeachment.

Mark Thomason said...

That obsessive-compulsive Russophobic Disorder is driven by Team Hillary, including her donors, those who fleece those donors and need excuses to give them, and those who meant to ride Hillary's coat tails back into power. It is Clintonian, meaning Blairite as Corbyn supporters mean that. It is about power and greed, and serving money to get money. It has nothing to do with the voters Democrats seek, just like Republicans have no real interest in their own voters.

This obsessive-compulsive Russophobic Disorder roadshow is all about keeping power in the hands of those who have abused it, for wars, for neoliberal ideas, and to serve wealth.

The tiny elements of truth in it are just enough to enable the abuse.

Nonni Muss said...

Like Russiamania (tm), Trump and his administration are being used as a distraction from the buiding of a progressive movement. Including, especially, a cold hard look at who the Democrats are and what they did in the last election.

How else to explain the constant expressions of astonishment, from esteemed (not by me) national media figures and seasoned pols alike, that there is rampant corruption, Gambling! In Casablanca! in Washington.

This in spite of the wikileaks revelations showing that the Clintons and their junior partner, the DNC, own just about every (proverbial) casino in town.

Jamie said...

Liberals in America will simply continue this McCarthyite scare to push us towards war with Russia. They will use their limited budget ceiling power on feel good topics like the Wall and twiddle their thumbs smiling as Trump guts food stamps and medicare -- simply enacting similar recommendations of Obama's catfood commission.

As for Corbyn, if he tries to return the Brits back to the unelected corporate EU, then he will just be another neoliberal. This organization is craven and mad, along with any liberal that thinks the EU is a progressive body. Just recently they decided to ram Monsanto roundup on all of Europe:

Pearl said...

Thank you Karen for including Bernie Sander's recent speech. The earlier section had some interference but began to clear up and the last part I could make out was inspiring. A recent report from his "Our Revolution" organization indicates a very active agenda going on. Hopefully it will encourage more people power which now seems to affect Trump's popularity among his followers and will hopefully have some affect on Republican thinking which is in short supply.

I predict that as we move closer to the elections next year, Bernie's message will be heard more in the major press releases.

Pearl said...

RE The Long Lonely Road of Chelsea Manning, NYTimes 6/12/17

My Reply:
I am disappointed in many of the negative reactions by readers to the reasons for Chelsea Manning's exposure of unacceptable behavior by government representatives. If it were not for the current press reporting of otherwise 'secret' and illegitimate activities by our Current president and his White house supporters, we could have remained in the dark about the unbelievable frightening decisions and plans of this administration. If it were not for the FBI director's courage in facing down a powerful new President we would not now have investigations of surreptitious behavior going on behind the scenes by Trump and his followers. When people are not aware of the truth by their government representatives terrible things occur. I am pleasantly surprised by President Obama's choice to free Chelsea Manning. May she continue to educate us by her courage and true patriotism.