Monday, January 17, 2011

John Boehner's Killer Bill

Instead of calling it the "Repeal of the Job-Killing Health Care Bill" -- which is kind of a mouthful -- John Boehner should just call it the "Kill Bill". If he tries to say it three times fast, every hour on the hour, the repetition will perhaps lull people into sleepy acceptance of his convoluted thought processes.

Whose jobs will health care reform kill anyway? Maybe Mr. Weeper is worried about the CEO of United Healthcare Group, Steve Hensley, whose total compensation package totals $3.24 million. Health care executives rake in more dough than the run of the mill CEO, and now that the law says 85 percent of their profits have to go to patient care, they're getting worried about their bottom line. Of course, their own jobs won't suffer so much as a fiscal ingrown toenail, let alone be "killed". No, they're probably worried about having that much less chump change to hire some $10-an-hour claims deniers, I mean adjusters. And oh no! The bit about not being able to drop somebody's coverage if they get sick just went into effect too! Pity the poor for-profit health care provider. With all the money now going to pay medical bills, where are they going to come up with the extra cash for their tenth vacation home in this national state of emergency?

As Speaker John mutters "must kill bill, must kill bill," let's hope President Obama mounts his bully pulpit and denounces the Republican shenanigans for what they are -- pure, unadulterated political drivel. And let Mr. Boehner remember that the slapstick scenes in the film version of "Kill Bill" were inspired in part by that other classic of right-wing derangement, "Jackass:the Movie". Any suggestions for starring roles in the sequel?

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Anonymous said...

Came here from NY Times comment page...lovin' it.

"Kill Bill!"