Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Note About Comments

When I started this blog just about two weeks ago, I included a comments function without anyone being required to register or divulge identities. I am grateful for the many positive remarks posted, as well as the substantive criticism.

Unfortunately, as so often happens in anonymous internet world, some of the commenting has devolved into back-and-forth arguing and nitpicking among several anonymous posters - both about what I have written, here and elsewhere, and even about what other commenters have shared in this space. And then I found myself responding, endlessly, in my own comments threads! It was getting to be too close to what they call flame-warring, and I made the decision to delete a slew of these kinds of comments today. I have also deleted two comments, one of which contained a subtle threat (name-calling, followed by "stay safe")and another that was just plain nasty.

I hope everyone continues to feel free to contribute to this blog and share ideas. I will continue to moderate comments and delete those which just seem to harp on the same point, are grossly off-topic or veer off into what I think are superficial arguments. Thanks again, everybody, for your interest and support!


Everyone is welcome to email me privately at any time. ( I almost always respond personally.


"Cat" will do said...

Hi, Karen -- I love your blog! A fresh voice! Found you on NY Times comments today. Insightful comment. I thought you might enjoy my often politically incorrect blog as well. Just another american gal wondering what horrific news is next.



Anonymous said...

Hey Karen,

You are my very favorite commenter on the NYT opinion pages! Marie comes in a close second but I worry that she sometimes drinks too much - kool-aid that is.

I'm glad you have this blogspot because now I don't have to wonder if you made the cut anymore - I can check here for your thoughts. You east coasters get a jump on those of us out west when it comes to the NYT.

Anyway, I hope you continue to maintain your independent and insightful comments. We need to hear you speak the truth. Thanks.

Bellingham, WA

Jay, Ottawa said...

And here's a voice from the north to tell you how much I appreciate your comments on the news and the big dogs who spin it. Keep on yanking their chains.

May you have 48 hours a day to keep up with the targeted commentaries and this overdue blog, needed supplements to the commercial news output.

So much better now finding you here instead of my needing to screen the Times on the chance you checked in and were cleared for takeoff.

Go, girl!!!

adirondax said...


I can't ever remember calling someone out of the blue like I called you the other day. Funny. Thanks for not simply dismissing me as some internet nut.

We live in very interesting times. The country is literally being torn apart at the seams. We are now hearing the screams of what once was a middle class. Certain of them have joined what they think is a patriotic and well-meaning group called the Tea Party.

The truth is they'll turn just about anywhere to try to find someone that can help them. They're just about as confused and disenfranchised as anyone can be. And why not? The economic rug has been permanently yanked from right out under them.

All of us progressives thought that Obama was our guy, and that life in Washington was about to change. We all look fairly Edith Bunkerish right at the moment. Fretting, and stressed.

While it's fair to say that the President is doing the best he can with the cards he's had in his hand, he could have played a much more active role in the country's political dialogue. Frankly I'd give him a D- in terms of his ability to use the bully pulpit effectively.

If truth be told, Obama is more Nelson Rockefeller than Robert Kennedy.

Who knew? Anyone who looked at the Harvard Law Review experience would have known, that's who.

But as my late mother used to say, "there we are."


Metro Journalist said...

You can always delete comments.

BTW, you are not politically or in any other way incorrect. You're right on the mark!

dreamsamelia said...

Thanks for the clarification about comments...I thought I was off base on my first comment, which got deleted, but then saw you thanked me for the other...

I echo all the other really should be one of the columnists at the get that magic combo of wit and incision, and nail it, again and again...

brevity is something I may never learn, just like can succinctly state what takes me three pages to say...thanks for being a progressive clarion call!

Out of frustration with 3 comments in a row not being accepted, I have today started my own blog too...if only I had saved the thousands of comments that never get published, I'd have a book already...
The Reader Comments and Blogs are the only truly free speech in our nation, because it is _unpaid_.

Let freedom ring! Keep singing!

John said...

Great comment Karen regarding the "Debt Limit Follies" editorial in the Times. If only some of the people that currently call themselves "journalists" (TV and print pundits) took their profession as seriously, the country might have a chance of staying afloat longer, as the public would at least have some clarity as to the truth of what's going on. Of course, that might impede profits and nick the bottom line of the networks and the GOP's propaganda arm, FOX ,so of course it will never happen. But it's nice to think so.

Keep up the good work! (As an aside, my comment is #13).