Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Live from D.C. -- Mayor Shrillionaire!

The Center for American Progress will be livestreaming Mayor Bloomberg's lecture this morning, beginning at 10 a.m.  So if you were unable to show up to occupy and slurp your free coffee, you can watch it here.

(see previous post for background info).

Update: King Michael is upset with everybody in Washington. Here's the snippet that had me snorting the coffee out of my nose:

“The international business community is beginning to whisper comparisons about the U.S. Congress and the Greek Parliament, and if the Supercommittee falls victim to the same kind of partisan paralysis that increasingly defines Washington, those whispers will grow louder."
Oh no.  Not the dreaded whispering campaign by the oligarchs.  The whispers are soft but are soon to become loud PSSSSTs, I reckon.  Bloomberg has an acute sense of hearing as well as a preternatural sense of smell when it comes to Occupy events.  He naturally went on to blather about class warfare, and the big lie about "uncertainty" in the markets  -- the lack of hiring, says he, is caused not by corporate greed and concentration of wealth in the top one percent, but by Big Guv.

But when it comes to suggesting  equal parts revenue to balance out federal cuts, Bloomberg is very much a NIMBY kind of guy.  As in, let the New York State millionaire surtax expire at the end of the year so that Wall Street doesn't just up and leave Wall Street.... for maybe its second untaxed luxury home in Washington, or the Bahamas, or the middle of the ocean.

And he is a great believer in the centrist canard that impoverished Grandmas should share the sacrifice equally with hedge fund managers. Bloomberg, who just last year called for the Bush tax cuts to be made permanent, has flip-flopped and says everybody's tax cuts should expire.  Even Warren Buffett's secretary's.

Want more? You can read the entire transcript here.    


Patricia said...

Thanks for the link! Will watch with baited breath!

Valerie said...

You know, gays and feminists shouldn't be so easily bought off by Bloomy. Who cares if he is a "social centrist" or whatever they call themselves these days to separate themselves from their Tea Party brethren and to show the world how sophisticated they are? As one of my friends used to say, "Where the heart goeth, so goeth the money."