Friday, April 6, 2012

An Army of Propagandistas

When the opposition party is so misogynistic that it makes Ted Bundy look like Sir Galahad, all you really have to do to seduce a nation of women into pulling the lever for you is to be your own charming self. When the chair of the RNC utters such crazy talk as calling the Republican War Against Women as fictional as a war against caterpillars, all you have to do is sit back and let the creepy crawly jokes proliferate. Rance Priebus, the inventor of the caterpillar non sequitur, is one slimy species himself. Rance Priebus Rancidus, an easily identified garish garden variety. When he is disturbed, orange horns pop out of his head and emit a foul-smelling spray.

Fight for Larval Liberty!

It's nonsense like this, as well as the more psychopathic anti-birth control and anti-choice invective emanating from the right wing fringe that has enabled President Obama to score double-digit leads over Mitt Romney in recent polling. He has wasted no time in "targeting" women in battleground states. Following his pal Rahm Emanuel's advice to "never let a crisis go to waste", he is hosting a women's conference at the White House today to further cement his feminist cred. He has chivalrously called for the admission of rich lady golfers to Augusta. He boldly bumped New York Times editor Jill Abramson from her commencement address gig at all-female Barnard.

And later this month, the Obama Victory Fund is sponsoring a two-day training session for potential Obamettes. Become a propagandista in the president's All-Girl Army! Show how strong you are by putting your money and energy behind a charismatic male politician and become his unpaid shill. Join the BarryWAC, contribute to the BarryPAC.

Warning: this extravaganza for the Ladies Who Lunch is obviously not designed for the 99% -- though if you're under 35 or over 65, you can buy the cheap tickets at "only" $250, with no Barry face time included. From Politico
The Obama campaign is hoping to train an army of women at the DNC's national issues conference in Washington, D.C., later this month.
The two-day convention will include remarks by President Obama and strategy meetings on American women, values and the 2012 election as well as economic security and strengthening the middle class.
Confirmed training sessions include: "Talking to Your Neighbor: Persuading Women Voters," "Digital Organizing: Effective Social Media Strategies," "Talking about the President’s Accomplishments," and "Crafting Your Personal Narrative."
A photo with Barry as part of the Army of Women admission package will cost you $15,000. If you fork over $75,800, you'll get a group photo, special seating, special dinner, and your name mentioned in public.

The readers' comments to the Politico article came from the usual tripartate crowd -- the left, the right and the Bots. A sampling:

I don't think Obama has my interest in mind at all. Look at the cost of the tickets.. I am an average American who makes average wages and there is no way I can afford to buy a ticket. If he really wants to train "an army of women", he needs to do it for free.

So.... Omama's camp is going to train an "Army of Women"? by highlighting how the administration “has helped create economic security for women" and convince them to Talk about the President’s "Accomplishments," Hmmmmmm... Tough Task ahead!
The "Talking about the President’s Accomplishments" class will last a total of 30 seconds. Included in the corriculum will be: "We got Bin Laden" on I'll think of it.....
 I think women should be proud and I do well to set a fine example for my daughter's. I encourage my daughters to be independent thinkers who will work to care for themselves and to never rely on anyone to provide for them. Obama is not emphasizing the strength of women at all. He is simply trying to produce more people to sing his praises in the guise of raising women up. More importantly, he is trying to use this as an opportunity to raise money.
Why not have these training session in each state? Some of the price of the airplane tickets could go to pay for the training. Statewide training would be more productive and easier to manage. Statewide training would work better being able to focus on each individual States special interests and needs as well would adapt to the demographics of those particular states. I can't afford to go to Washington the plane tickets alone would block me and then add on to it the tickets. It almost feels as though it is exclusive to the rich women, and not to the Middle class women. I am for Obama, but find that the costs of things are prohibitive. I was excited when I heard about this program, but now that I see the costs, it is unrealistic. And so just like the GOP things go to the rich.
And finally this, my own personal favorite from a male Bot named Michael: You just never liked Obama...If thats th case then fine, But belive me their are alot of women and young ladys out there in Amrica who are more then eager to hear a message of hope and how the world and men would be far far worse off without strong women. Mabye the message that women are better left at home to procreate for men and cook and provide only for the family, mabye that message better suits (R) women. After all Santorm see's women as too weak mentally and physically to serve in our fine military, Gingrich..... well what really needs to be said about him...My point (before i get off of track ) IMHO only one party truly represents the ideas of modern women and truly wants to invest in the future of women and thats the (D) I have not seen one peice of legislation in the last four years come from any (R) person that supports anything regarding womens rights...
Get With the Program, Ladies!


Valerie said...

Well, I think these fundraisers really backfire on Obama. They show how only the rich get face time with "the man" and how he is not unlike the Republicans. I don’t really know what is going on in the Republican camp but these Obama shin-digs really DO slap of elitism. What amazes me is that the Obama Camp either doesn’t GET IT or they don’t care.

I think the woman thing is a pretty easy sell for Obama. As long as he supports a woman’s right to do whatever she wants with her own body THAT is going to appeal to more women than the alternative. They can say” it is a child not a choice” until they are blue in the face but all women already know this and have made up their minds on which side of the great divide they fall.

Me, I am one of the few women I know who really doesn’t care. I have many more concerns much higher on my list of priorities. Like:

1) The constant state of war both parties keep determined to keep us in
2) The fact that we are the only First World Country without universal health care
3) The fact that Free Trade isn’t benefitting all that many of us when you factor out all the cheap junk that ends up in landfills.
4) The fact that no matter which party is in power, manufacturing jobs are being outsourced to foreign lands while real unemployment is 18% or higher.
5) The fact that the police are being trained like para military troops and are the foot-soldiers for the 1% turning their weapons and their power on members of the Middle Class exercising their constitutional rights to free speech.
6) The fact that both parties are willing to sell out the environment to the giant multi-national corporations. And despite all the crazy weather that is affecting the U.S. – even the bible belt – Americans continue to reject real science for faux science.
7) That our media is a tool of the powerful instead of source of information.
8) That the costs of presidential campaigns are so prohibitive that politicians, especially Romney and Obama, are having to sell their souls to the highest bidder.
9) That nothing of real substance is being discussed in this election year and the public doesn’t even notice.

THAT is the REAL ISSUE. The room is full of elephants and both parties are discussing whether or not the colour scheme is to their liking.

James F Traynor said...

"THAT is the REAL ISSUE. The room is full of elephants and both parties are discussing whether or not the colour scheme is to their liking."

And that is precisely what BOTH parties want.

Anonymous said...


Kat said...

You know, that last comment really chafes me. It is clear that the writer equates "corporate drone" with "strong woman".

What's with the "cowards" comment? Kind of cryptic.

Anonymous said...

All of you are too bunches of repub propaganda machines