Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Alive

A strong young heart is now trapped inside Dick Cheney's body. It has no choice but to beat and beat and beat, enabling the ghoul of the 21st Century to fly around in his private jet, spewing his rejuvenated hate speech less than three weeks after getting his taxpayer-funded surgery. 

The man responsible for the deaths and dismemberments of thousands upon thousands of innocent people lives on to brag about it. When most people would still be recovering from such radical surgery, the undead Dick Cheney is on full zombie display. Rather than humbly fading into the background, he feels compelled to go on a speaking tour to celebrate torture, and to call his successor an "unmitigated disaster." The successor, mind you, made sure that Dick Cheney has Secret Service protection for life. That is how globally despised he is. The successor has guaranteed that Cheney will never be prosecuted for his war crimes. Cheney knows that his successor will never betray him, because he gifted him with unprecedented unitary executive power. It is but a short hop, skip and jump from "enhanced interrogation techniques" to "beyond-the-horizon" foreign policy -- a/k/a assassinations at presidential whim. President Obama is not only an accessory after the fact, he is going Cheney one better -- and Dick may just be feeling a wee twinge of jealousy to replace those old cardiac twinges.

Cheney made his surprise appearance Saturday at a Wyoming Republican confab, and reminisced about himself for over an hour. That is apparently what psychopaths do when they get a second chance at life. No regrets has Dick Cheney, no joyful epiphany, no devoting the rest of his life to serving the less fortunate. He did thank his donor and doctors, but failed to mention health care for the 50 million and counting uninsured Americans. He has probably never given them a thought.

And if he touched upon the fact that his 20-year addiction to cigarettes caused his own coronary disease, it obviously didn't sink in on the audience. According to the Washington Post, the GOP confab included "smoke breaks" to enable delegates to go outside and light up. They stood around and puffed and huffed and worried about their favorite son. I know you're all choked up about it, too.

There is always the chance that Cheney could reject his new heart, and he will be on preventive immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of his life. But I wonder if, given the vitriol flowing through his veins, this might be the first case in medical history of the heart rejecting the patient.



James F Traynor said...

Cheney is a thoroughly evil son of a bitch.

tsisageya said...

You had me at:

Monday, April 16, 2012

It's Alive

A strong young heart is now trapped inside Dick Cheney's body. It has no choice but to beat and beat and beat, enabling the ghoul of the 21st Century to fly around in his private jet, spewing his rejuvenated hate speech less than three weeks after getting his taxpayer-funded surgery.

tsisageya said...

I've saved this post in my bookmarks and in a timecapsule-ish email to my grand daughter.

(I know, I know. As IF email will still be viable. But still...)

This, of course means that you must at least keep this site up as an archive.

Doesn't it? Doesn't it???

tsisageya said...

Or, maybe you should just write it all down on tablets of stone.

I kid, I kid.

Will said...

"In competing speeches today, President Obama said the U.S. went off course with practices like waterboarding. Cheney retaliated by saying he doesn't regret any of the decisions he made, and if he had to do it all over again, he would order President Bush to do exactly the same thing. And then he ate a baby." --Jimmy Kimmel

Valerie said...

I've noted a couple of times to my fundamentalist Christian mother that if anyone is the Antichrist, it is Dick Cheney. He is evil incarnate. Yet, Vlad the Impaler (I think it was @Will who gave us that incredibly apt nickname) remains a hero amongst Republicans and THAT is hard for me to take. It is so Orwellian that the hero of the religious right is so evil and so proud of his evil accomplishments.

Of course, Vlad has no regrets. He has played God and hasn't had to suffer any consequences for his consciousless decisions.

The sad thing is normal people can't get close enough to him to spit in his face. He is completely sealed off from those people his policies have hurt. He can't even be shamed - and he certainly doesn't care that we all hate him - I am sure (unlike our Pres) he welcomes our hatred.

Someone like Cheney needs to lose everything - financial security, respect of his peers, love of his family - He deserves to be a total pariah and to know what it feels like to be totally powerless. THAT would be justice!

4Runner said...

Read it & weep: not only does Dickhead get taxpayer-funded surgery, he's also drawing an annual Federal pension that started at $132,000 in 2009 when he left office. It was projected then, that should he live his expected lifespan (to age 84), he would draw more than $3.25 million in accumulated pension earnings. BTW, Dubya's annual Fed payout is around $200,000.

Ain't it super to see our tax dollars put to such socially beneficial use?

Mamacita said...

@ Karen Garcia

"this might be the first case in medical history of the heart rejecting the patient."

LOL - hilarious! Cheney is an example of the futility of hanging on to life, and raises the age old question: Is there a God, and if so, how could God let Cheney live?


"The sad thing is normal people can't get close enough to him to spit in his face."

We all must remember that violence is not the answer. Spitting in a person’s face is a crime, some kind of assault or battery maybe. It can be frustrating reading about a despot like Cheney. But there must be no talk of violence. Even if they, the Cheney types, break down our door and take our kids, there must be no violence on our part.

Only Dick Cheney and his kind resort to violence. We must never respond violently.

Plus Cheney has Secret Service protection for life. The Secret Service would certainly apprehend any spit-in-his-fact types, unless they were busy cavorting with prostitutes….

Karen Garcia said...

Hi Friends,
Here is my response to David Brooks's latest. I have no idea what he was really talking about,so I just wrote whatever I felt like:

For the next seven months, we will be tortured with one manufactured side issue after the other. The public interest will not be served. Whoever has amassed the most unlimited money will win the prize. This election has little if anything to to do with the interests of regular people.

Both Romney and Obama are spending much of their time at fund-raisers hosted by the extremely wealthy. Attendees at these soirees, while not offering outright bribes to the candidates, do represent "weighted votes". Donors expect something for their generosity -- not an immediate quid pro quo, but certainly special consideration for their long-term interests.

Obama is refraining from campaigning on deficit reduction, because it is not politically smart to do so. But there are rumblings of another Grand Bargain and social safety net-slashing in a second term. Romney, meanwhile, is either not politically smart, or just dog-whistling to the reactionary right wing. (Psst! Let's get the poor people!)

Where is the peace candidate, the civil liberties candidate, the anti-Wall Street candidate, the environmental candidate who will even mention climate change? Where is the candidate who will challenge the NRA, call for a national living wage and welcome the hatred of tax-evading corporations? Where is a national media which will concentrate on substantive issues and ask the tough questions?

We're waiting in vain. The Occupation continues.

opit said...

"It's Alive!"
Only because The Shooter is more immediately a ghoul in such case. You have to wonder if he will not be the test case for downloading of consciousness into Cloud Computing as a quest for personal immortality for personal immorality.

Denis Neville said...

Former vice president Dick Cheney was proud of his criminal misadventures.

“I was a big supporter of waterboarding,” Cheney once said, explaining that he used his position within the National Security Council to advocate for its use. DOJ lawyers were instructed to write legal opinions to cover its use as well as other torture techniques.

Scott Horton @ Harper’s wrote, in “A Farewell to Dick Cheney,”

“James Madison was the Founding Father most concerned with the prospect for abuse of power by the executive. He worried in particular that presidents in the future would wage war for trivial and improvident reasons with a political subtext: to silence dissent and elevate their powers as president. Dick Cheney is the man that James Madison was warning us about.”

Horton also asks “Six Questions for Bart Gellman, Author of Angler,” an extraordinary forensic portrait of Dick Cheney, the most powerful vice president in America’s:

Dick Cheney getting a new heart certainly should not to be confused with compassion. As Joan Rivers said, "Rather surprised Dick Cheney got a heart after lasting all these years without one."

Jay - Ottawa said...

Yes, it's alive and just as vile as ever.

In case you need a chaser, here's a link to a video of Glenn Greenwald giving a talk last week in Ottawa. It was an honor and privilege to attend in person, and it is a pleasure to provide you with the link, although you GG fans would come across it eventually. 1 hour, 4 minutes and 34 seconds of antidote to Cheneytalk.

Incidentally, Maher Arar, the guy introducing Greenwald, is the same Canadian-Syrian who was mistakenly arrested and shipped off to Syria by the US for a year of torture, thanks to the Bush-Cheney regime. Sorry about that, Maher.

Last week on Sardonicky one of our ghostly commenters mocked Karen's blogging -- and our commenting and "typing."

What use does it serve to think out loud? Wouldn't it be better to walk around thinking thoughts to ourselves alone in some kind of self-imposed solitary confinement? Wasn't that the safest course for East Germans living under the eye of the Stasi?

When I checked in, the first comment following the posting of the video on Greenwald's site happens to address that issue. I hope "Morning's Minion" doesn't mind my reposting his comment here:

"Morning's Minion
"Monday, April 16, 2012 at 8:34 pm
I'm having trouble loading the speech, so I'll just quickly ask: Is that Bill in the very beginning introducing Maher Arar? If so, it's really nice to have a face to put with the name.

"Also...some drop in here to snipe about how useless commenting is, and about what a sterile dead-end having a political blog is. It strikes me that this event is the resounding negation of that idea; it's a reminder of the kinds of communities we can and should build. Glenn, your travels are such an important development in your political voice. Please do consider coming to Cleveland (I would be happy to host you)and speaking at the Cleveland Club; it is the oldest institute in America devoted to promoting free speech, so it would be a very symbolically apt place.

"Kudos to Bill Owen for pursuing an inspired idea and bringing it to fruition. I'm now going to watch..."

John in Lafayette said...

In your response to David Brooks today, you asked, "Where is the peace candidate, the civil liberties candidate, the anti-Wall Street candidate, the environmental candidate who will even mention climate change? Where is the candidate who will challenge the NRA, call for a national living wage and welcome the hatred of tax-evading corporations?"

There are two, and I'll tell you where they are. One is buried underneath six feet of earth in Hyde Park and the other is buried under six feet of earth in Atlanta. And since Martin Luther King eschewed public office, I will be writing Franklin Roosevelt's name in come November. Roosevelt dead is better than anyone now alive.

Zee said...

Since we seem to be talking--indirectly--about health care on this thread, I thought this news story somewhat relevant:

Valerie said...

@John in Lafayette and all –

There is someone we can vote for President - Rocky Anderson. Ralph Nader just endorsed him and quite frankly, that is enough for me. People voting for TLOTE are throwing away their vote anyway - Would any of us envisioned that he would be Bush III and that we would be comparing him to Vlad Cheney? So why not give your votes to Rocky? Even if he isn't on your state ballot, write him in!

James F Traynor said...

Every time I manage to convince myself to vote for Obama, something like this turns up. Back to writing in a Bernie Sanders - Elizabeth Warren ticket. Damn it, this time I'm sticking to it.

Suzan said...

Thanks for having such an important site for organizing and idea sharing, Karen.

I'd just like to offer, as a follow up to the Glenn Greenwald tribute, that I'd be more than happy to host Glenn or anyone else who'd like to come to Chapel Hill, NC, to talk about strategy for reviving the American middle-class dream.

I can guarantee at least a couple of thousand participants at that meeting!

Love you guys!


Anonymous said...

Just goes to show you liberals are as heartless as he conservatives they always knock.