Thursday, April 28, 2011

The New York Times Princess Diaries

Ross Douthat, token junior conservative at The New York Times, thinks we Americans are aching for a monarchy to keep us down where we belong.  In his blog today, he posits that we the need the pomp and circumstance and sheer stabilizing control of queens and kings, princes and princesses -- and that our current regalization of politicians and personalities just does not satisfy that yearning.

At least The Times has had the good sense to allow Douthat only one full column a week, on Mondays -- and that one goes head to head with Paul Krugman.  So poor Ross doesn't garner all that much attention.  To compensate, he appears to be aiming toward outlandishness.  From writing about fear of hell as being the best reason to be good human beings, to glorifying the monarchy today, this young man is all over the map.  One week he's Cotton Mather in a Brooks Brothers suit spewing watered-down fire and brimstone. Today he's stuck in a Disney princess movie.  And if we common folk can't admit that deep down in our little peasant hearts we don't yearn to be crushed by a bejewelled despot, then we're the crazy ones.

Cinderella Man
 "But even the American experience suggests that the anti-monarchical temper...  is ultimately artificial and unnatural, a triumph of theory over instinct and idealism over human nature. In their hearts, most people want a king and queen."  --- Ross Douthat.

Speak for yourself, Ross.  Better yet, don't speak at all.  Or try to find a job at a Fleet Street tabloid. I hate to clue you in, but the Brits are pretty damn sick of the monarchy themselves. Check this out, Douthat:

"In their hearts, most people want a king and queen..."


John in Lafayette said...

Leave it to Ross "Grand Inquisitor" Douthat to tell us we need just a little more miracle, mystery, and authority in our lives. Didn't we have enough of that with Bush and Cheney?

Valerie Long Tweedie said...

While the country is distracted by the Royal Wedding, the House Financial Services Committee is getting ready to vote on the Consumer Protection Bureau this coming week. Lobbyists and their complicit members of Congress want to delay the CPB becoming official and take away a lot of its power. I don't know how many of you feel about Jon Stewart, but here is a good (and short) interview with Elizabeth Warren (See part one as well.)

Like many progressives, I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Warren. We really need to support her and the good work the CPB is trying to do. As she says in the interview, the evil ones (that is my wording not hers) are taking this battle into the back alleys because they can't win it out in the open. Unless blogs like this keep our attention and eye on the proverbial ball, I am afraid that we will lose one of the few uncorrupted, uncaptured agencies we have.

We really need to fight for this one and not allow it to drop out of sight. If Elizabeth Warren and the CPB are successful, I think (I hope) it will empower the public to demand other agencies that will fight on behalf of Main Street; which might be why the evil ones are fighting so hard to bring it down.

Kate Madison said...

Hi Valerie-

RIGHT ON! I am with you on going all-out to support Elizabeth Warren. This is what we progressives need to be doing--finding the good people and stepping up for them.

Is there an organization you particularly like who is behind her? I know that BOLD Progressives has spoken up, but have not heard about a petition or fund-drive yet.

Please let all of us know. Thanks!

Kate Depoe

Valerie Long Tweedie said...

I wish I did, Kate! Good to know about BOLD. I will do a little research and see if I can find others.

Meanwhile - Does anyone know about any organisations supporting our champion Elizabeth Warren? Any blogs getting the word out?

John in Lafayette, I know you are a big fan of Ms. Warren. Do you know anything that would contribute to the support of the CPB in the upcoming battle?


James Logan said...

Here's a suggestion:
Include reference to this in your comments on NYT and elsewhere.

I'm re-posting the link to the Daily show interview with Warren on HuffPo right now at this article:

I'm trying to find a Warren article there, but go figure, there are none. However, I'll repost again because this article has way to many comments. While my 'fans' will read it, others won't get the chance. This needs high visibility ASAP.

KM said...

It seems a lot more civilized to cheer a royal wedding than to pump air for the 5-trillion-dollar 100,000-or-so-collaterally-dead assassination of Osama Bin Laden.