Monday, April 18, 2011

"The Quitta From Wasilla" & Breitbart Booed in Madison

In case you missed this.... here is some unedited raw footage from the Sarah Palin Boo-Fest in Madison on Sunday.  The guy doing the intro is conservative provocateur Andrew Breitbart, the heckuva guy who brought down ACORN and got Van Jones and Shirley Sherrod fired. 

 It was one of the few heavily attended "Tax Day" events in capital cities -- and that is only because the crowd was composed largely of pro-union demonstrators and but a handful of Tea Partiers. 

The video was sent to me by my friend "pvolkov", whose two comments today on Paul Krugman's column perfectly summarized the Madison spectacle. "One could not make out what she was trying to say", Ms. Volkov relates," but the screeching of her voice was like chalk on a blackboard. The intensity of the crowd's response was electrifying." 

As she noted, you didn't see this footage on your TV news. And if you did, it was heavily edited to amplify Palin's inhuman octave levels and to muffle, if not drown out entirely, the sights and sounds of the protesters. CNN went so far as to claim Palin really fired up the crowd!  I am convinced the only reason Palin kept speaking was because her contract stipulated "no finish, no paycheck".

The event was sponsored (naturally) by the Koch Brothers' "Americans for Prosperity" teabagger front group. The mainstream media continues to cover the ever more sparsely attended Tea Party "events" as if it were really still a grassroots movement, and continues to ignore the truly massive protests of progressives occurring nationwide. I guess the TV cable and corporate print media types live in the same bubble as the politicians.  But whether they like it or not, they're going to lose control of the narrative sooner rather than later. The true progressive movement is under the control of no party.  The Democrats have given nary a nod to the demonstrations.  It's as conservative David Frum says: while the GOP fears its own dwindling base, the Democrats seem to despise theirs.


turnipseed said...

I'm sorry I didn't know she was here--I would have made the trip (even at $4.19 gal.) just to boo her.

How can her "fans" not notice (and tolerate) that screechy voice--to say nothing of her garbled syntax? Even if she had something to say, I could NOT take two minutes of that voice.

Anne Lavoie said...

Wow, what a great crowd! It was nothing like what I saw on the network news, but what would we expect from the corporate media that has worked so hard to develop a (false) consensus reality. Even those people standing behind Palin looked like they were being paid to be there. What a bunch of (Koch) suckers.


Anonymous said...

OK, I a believer now. After listening to the report on NPR and then watching the CNN version, you would have thought they were different events. Shame on the msm.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice the sign on the podium in front of Palin: "I am AFP." Forgive me, Lord, for all of the many ways I ascribed meaning to that acronym.

Noemi said...

This is fantastic! Thanks for posting. Love ya and miss ya over in "Comments" for the "late great" Bob Herbert.