Friday, June 19, 2015

Holy Hypocrisy!

The politically correct concern trolls are all upset because Bernie Sanders rallied for pension rights on Thursday instead of sanctimoniously bowing his head and quoting the Bible in the wake of our most recent mass shooting. He stood up for workers and unions right next to one of those "solemn vigils" held by the same politicians who suck at the teat of the military-industrial complex and wouldn't know how to give peace a chance if their lives depended on it.

"On a day when the national conversation is focused on the attack and victims and not presidential politics -- not to mention a day when Jeb Bush and Donald Trump said they would cancel campaign events in the key early primary state -- canceling your own campaign rally isn't a bad idea," sniffed Hunter Schwarz of the war-mongering Washington Post.

Oh my invisible guy in the sky: (OMIGITS!) Psychopaths like Jeb and the Donald are more politically correct than Bernie Sanders? The sky is falling, the sky is falling! If two loudmouth liars know enough to shut up for crass political purposes, why can't a loudmouth socialist? Um.... maybe because he's not wrapping himself in fake religion like the plutocratic mafiosi currently taking selfies of their own crocodile tears? Maybe because it's more Jesus-like to loudly rail against the money-changers in our Great National Tragedy Temple than it is to simper and sob by candlelight as they quietly take NRA and defense industry bribes under cover of darkness?

Get ready for about another week of phony grief from the usual suspects. Then we can get back to the New Abnormal of pay-to-play politics, high rolling fund-raisers, trade deal sausage-making, backstabbing and speechifying. And of course, there is no end in sight for Congressional approval or lack thereof for endless wars and billions of dollars in global arms sales to such wonderful folks as the Saudis -- who are now openly advertising for more professional executioners to keep up with a record domestic beheading spree.


annenigma said...

No one says it like you do, Karen!

Karen Garcia said...

Thank you, annenigma!

Meredith NYC said...

Here officials have to always say our thought and prayers are with the families etc. I noticed that after some killing happened in one of the EU countries, the president used the phrase, our thoughts are with the family, etc etc. They didn't include the word prayers. That's not necessary where officials don't have to prove how religious they are. That's their private business.

Also re Krugman's column Fri, they left out the link for comments, only including it later. Wonder what time it went in? I've seen that happen before but not with K's column.

Meredith NYC said...

Tim Egan has a column saying it would be nice for the US to apologize for slavery, and Obama should do it. Some readers say yes, but why Obama? Maybe save it for Hillary to do.

Egan says “ the British, the Vatican, the Germans and the South Africans have all issued formal apologies for their official cruelties, and each case has had a cleansing, even liberating effect. Tony Blair apologized to the Irish in 1997 for England’s role in a famine that killed more than a million people.” And Reagan ok’d payments and apologies for the internment of Japanese Americans in the 40s.

Maybe the US would never apologize b/c we have this myth that we are unique, the most free democracy in the world, despite our history (and our present). Whereas those other countries are really class ridden, big govt, former monarchies. That’s a common attitude encouraged by our politicians.

Valerie Long Tweedie said...

As a country, we need to be a lot more concerned that while Obama was addressing the nation, the TPA (Fast Track) TPP was getting a re vote in the House and passed. Sorry but doesn't this strike a few of us as cynical? That on the very day of this terrible tragedy, that Obama and Boehner take advantage of a distracted nation to pass a piece of legislation that can only damage the middle and working classes.

How is this not on the front page of at least ONE newspaper? Seems a little shockdoctrinish to me.And they have the NERVE to point fingers at Bernie!