Thursday, June 18, 2015

Links/Open Thread

Nine killed in massacre in historic South Carolina black church. Lawmakers renew call for national gun control measures. Not. As the white gunman is sought captured, lawmakers renew calls to divert the FBI from creating arresting ISIS aspirants into investigating right wing extremism. Not. As a nation mourns, lawmakers stand united in diverting billions from PermaWar into a free national mental health program for all citizens. Not. The FCC calls for a renewal of the Fairness Doctrine and vows to pull the licenses of Fox, Rush Limbaugh and all the rest of the media/hate complex for their failure to broadcast in the public interest. LOL.

Pope Francis issues his long-awaited climate change encyclical. He blames man-made pollution. Denialists promptly see the light, praise the Lord and vow to curb emissions, demanding national energy savings legislation. Obama cancels drilling in the Arctic. I can dream, can't I?

Hillary is a closeted TPP booster. What a shock.

Despite Paul Krugman's best propagandistic efforts to tell us otherwise, Obamacare is actually helping to destroy what's left of the middle class.  A paradox, a paradox, a most ingenious paradox. The technocratic neoliberati are singing with all the grim joy that their piratical Citigroup egos can muster.

Presidential politics are getting really, really, really  peculiar. No kidding.

Four sleazy ways that the mainstream press is trying to marginalize the Bernie Sanders campaign. Only four?

(Please feel free to comment on whatever, within or without reason. It's one of those days.)


Pearl said...

I will repeat. Where is Elizabeth Warren in all this and what are her plans?

Karen Garcia said...


Warren is not running for president and the "draft Warren" movement has disbanded.
She's very smart to remain in the Senate, where she is proving to be highly effective and influential. She is a woman who knows how to pick her battles. I could never envision her as president. She has close to zero interest/expertise in foreign policy and is probably morally incapable of dropping even one single bomb.

Pearl said...

Thanks Karen: and it is a loss.

I hope she will challenge whomever is chosen to run the country at least. I asked about her because I had not read that she was definitely not running for higher office.
I had my computer gone over (it is now fixed) by a man who is from Jamaica or one of the islands that black immigrants in Canada come from. I mentioned what I was involved in and he made some clever remarks indicating he knew the whole sad story of U.S. behavior. I am sure he saw the poverty his people lived in before emigrating here. I am glad to give him my business and he is very knowledgeable about the inner workings of computers. Just changing to all these different windows drives me crazy and although I bought a new computer a few weeks ago they are already changing Windows 8 to Windows 10 in July. I mentioned that is how these huge corporations make their money and where are simple machines without all the gadgets. He said they don't make much money for people who don't like change so concentrate on all the gadget filled expensive machines changing constantly. This is progress?

Pearl said...

The Scorpions, the Frogs and the TPP: Prepare to Be Stung via @sharethis

Article by William Pitt in Trouthout

Pearl said...

And clever comment to above:

Obama, AmeriKKKa's premier traitor, who like Rachel Dolezal fantasizing she is black, so to with Obama, a white man hiding behind a black skin, fantasizing he is black. While Obama has "Dreams of his Father," we have nightmares of his father's son.