Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wanker, Not Anchor

I just got the breaking-news email from the New York Times: Lyin' Brian Williams is being kicked downstairs to MSNBC from his coveted anchor spot at the network. He will reportedly only be allowed to read breaking-news items at relatively rare intervals on the supposition that it would be exceedingly hard to insert a lie or a joke into only one or two telepromptered paragraphs. But never say never.

No word whether he will endure a salary cut from his reported $10 million-a-year contract. No word either on how many low-level reporters and crew will have be fired to make room for the Great One's return. But leave it to the Times to commiserate with a plutocratic wanker:
The new role is a humbling comedown for Mr. Williams, who before the controversy was one of the country’s most prominent and respected broadcast journalists.
They got that one-fourth right. Williams is a broadcaster, but whether he is also respected or a journalist or humble is very much a matter of opinion. Then again, he and the Times honchos are all members of an elite club where nobody fails even when mistakes are made. Like the mistake of blaming a group of Irish students for falling to their own deaths because of their failure to notice the shoddy construction they were standing on.


Cirze said...

Thanks for keeping us up to date, K.

So this becomes the newest way to "fail up?"

MSNBC is hardly a punishment.

And we all know that none of these guys ever get docked a cent.

So, he gets to retire on $10M a year until he actually retires.

On the hundreds of millions he's "saved" from having one of the best "lying" in jobs in Amurrika.


Ste-vo said...

Here is a link to the story in the NYT - Business!

As usual, I read maybe three or four paragraphs and then jump to the comments. Here is one that I found particularly funny. Short and too the point is good.

"Williams is too narcissistic to be humbled. He will continue to grab any spotlight even if it is coming from a pen flashlight. Since he is said to be witty and have an engaging manner, perhaps he can host a game show like Family Feud or Wheel of Fortune." ~ from Lynn in DC.

I don't know about Family Feud. My wife would be very upset as she is in love with Steve Harvey. I would be OK with replacing Pat Sajak. His hair really bothers me. It is like really? They let you walk on stage with that hair, no military buzz-job or a shaved head with facial hair? And his stage presence is abominable. He is to talky, jokey, homespun, or engaging as Lynn says. Something that I find terribly annoying and that is the one thing, when I did watch Brian Williams was his snarky, "And I hope to see you right back here tomorrow night." Stick it Brian.

Such is life in AmeriKa.