Friday, June 5, 2015

Obama Comes Out Trans(parent)

Whoever keeps saying that the Trans-Pacific Partnership is a big, fat, corrupt secret is a big fat liar, the Most Transparent President Ever (TM) announced today. Obviously angling for a Vanity Fair or Vogue cover, Barack Obama displayed his good will by announcing a brand-new website where Everyday Americans can read about the corporate coups designed to improve their everyday lives and livelihoods.. Because we have a right to know who is creatively improving us, as well as when, where, why and how.

Be the first to read all the juicy details right here and then pass this major scoop along to all of your friends. And then don't forget to email or call the White House to thank the president for his openness and devotion to democracy.

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Valerie Long Tweedie said...

I just read about the leaks. I must say that without Wiki leaks the TPP would have probably gone through without a hitch. No wonder the Obama administration is frothing at the bit to get a hold of Julian Assange. I wonder who is doing the leaks? I can only hope and pray this person remains out of reach of the government.

I will be interested to find out if there is anything new or more of the same. I still can't believe the TPP treaty was given fast track authority in the Senate. Why aren't Democrats suspicious that the Republicans are behind this thing?

Thanks for keeping it on the radar, Karen.